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October, 2010
Ann Caell , Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Region 3



GSR Quarterly Newsletter
Oct. 9, 2010
Ann Caell, Regional Director


First of all thank you to  the clubs in the GSR that have produced wonderful shows, so far, this season. We had several shows in succession which nearly or completely filled – not easy to do in this current economy. That speaks to the dedication of all of the exhibitors, judges and club members to keep the GSR healthy and moving forward. As I’ve said before, the folks in the region are wonderful and will do anything they can to assist each other. This region clearly has embraced the “team spirit.” You all are to be commended for your efforts. Let’s keep the spirit of the GSR positive and alive! Let’s continue to support upcoming shows by entering whatever many cats you can – realistically. Join a club…they always need new members!

As you know the new Club Media Kit and Publicity Guide has been launched. This was designed specifically to help the smaller show producing clubs increase their gate and revenue; but it has something for all clubs. I suggest that clubs select one member to do publicity and browse through the Media Kit and Publicity Guide for new ideas. You will be surprised at what you will find for FREE; like Public Service Announcements, and what you can tap into easily to draw in spectators. The link is http://cfa.org/club_media/
This guide also provides tips on how to approach the media easily. As always, if you have questions or need assistance please contact me.

Many of you have raised questions about the recent Teleconference Board Meeting that was held Oct. 2-3. You are wondering “Where are the minutes?” Let me shed some light on what has transpired.  The Board voted after the June meeting to have the teleconference meeting minutes recorded “word-for-word”. This was done to provide all with the exact, verbatim transcripts of the minutes in order to prevent misinterpretations, incorrect information, misunderstandings; etc. from occurring.  Rachel Anger, CFA Secretary has been diligently transcribing the minutes since the close of the meeting on Oct. 3.  Once they are transcribed, reviewed and approved she will post the full-board transcripts to the web site and, I believe, a podcast will also be available. These minutes should be available this week.  The meeting was chock full of reports, show rules, etc and lasted for 16 hours. For Rachel to turn this around within a week is remarkable. We all should thank her for her dedication and be patient.   This Board is definitely transparent, and will share what we can, when we can. Thank you!

What’s New?

  • Club Media Kit and Publicity Guide
  • CFA’s DNA Program with Texas A&M
  • New Director of Operations-Jim Nicolaus
  • CFA Central Office Re-location to Alliance, OH
  • New Breed Club in GSR; Chartreux International
  • Regional Awards Show and Banquet, Jun.2011. Will be held in Dallas area. Two locations being considered. When determined will need volunteers, please!
  • Two new Co-Chairs for Clerking Program; Cheryl Coleman and Bethany Collila.
  • Advancement of   Judges: Chloe Chung-Accepted as SH Trainee, 1st Specialty; Neil Quigley, Accepted as SH Trainee, 1st Specialty; Melanie Morgan. Accepted as LH Trainee, 2nd Specialty; Jacqui Bennett, Advanced to Apprentice, SH 1st Specialty; Melanie Morgan, Advanced to Approved Specialty, SH 1st Specialty;

                Gary Powell, Advanced to Approved   Allbreed; Iris Zinck, Advanced to Approved Allbreed.   Congratulations to all!

That’s it for now!  I plan to write a newsletter at the end of each quarter- so look for it in January, 2011.  Thanks for your patience and your dedication to the GSR.


                           Ann Caell
                           Gulf Shore Region Director