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July, 2012
Carissa Altschul
Regional Director



This is my very unofficial, personal report of the CFA Annual.  As always, please refer to CFA’s official minutes/transcripts that are released by Secretary Rachel Anger for a complete report.


Election Results

Only 3 positions were in contention – Region’s 3, 7, 9.

Region 3
Altschul - 27
Caell - 26
Abstain - 1

Region 7
Miksa-Blackwell - 31
Petty - 53
Abstain - 3

Region 9
Batchelor - 2
Goedert - 4
Huhtaniemi - 13

Resolutions. 385 delegates “seated”  (416 were registered)
 2/3 -  257 (required for Constitutional changes and also a 2/3’s on show rule changes are binding to the BOD)

 50% -  193 (passing for non-binding show rule and non-show rule changes).

Any resolution from the floor is non-binding, regardless of how it passes (50% required for passing)

Resolutions to make changes to the CFA Constitution

385 delegates registered. 2/3 257. 50% 193

1) Regarding the allowance of electronically submitting delegate forms.  Discussion included concerns from the credentials committee that this would make their job either impossible or extremely complicated on how to verify the validity of electronic signatures. Vote was too close to call, hand count called. 227 to 123, failed.  However, the Credential Committee will be working with the IT committee to possibly come up with a way to make this workable.

(#3 was discussed next as a procedural issue)

3) To increase the delegate fee from $20 to $30. Passes 2/3.

2) To change the wording from to allow the delegate fees to be decided each year by the board. it also changed the fee wording to make it a registration fee rather than a "voting tax." Also including a sentence to allow proxy votes to be in paper or electronic form. Motion fails (no yes votes that I saw)

4) Changing rules of breed council membership to require having a registered a cattery name for at least 3 years. And have registered at least 3 litters in
the last _3_ years. Current rules could allow a person to join a BC in less than 3 months. Just have to be 18, have someone add your name to some cats and litters, ect... Rationale is that BC members should be "experts" in their breeds, so adding the time requirement would do more to ensure that BC members have a vested interest. Quite a lot of discussion regarding the person presenting this resolution. Namely, Turkish Angora Fanciers International did not turn in their delegate form in time and they do not have a delegate seated.  Ed Raymond, CFA's appointed parliamentarian, ruled that one does not have to have a seated delegate in order to present a pre-noticed resolution. Motion Fails.

Point of order called: regarding Robert's Rules of Order and seated delegates... Then from the floor someone wanted to call a vote to overrule Hamza's and Ed Raymond's decision to allow the representative of the Turkish Angora Fanciers... first told no, then allowed to call for a vote to overrule Hamza’s/Raymond decision. The delegation voted to overrule Hamza/Raymond and it was decided that only seated delegates may speak during the meeting.  All further amendments from that club were presented by another person who was a seated delegate.

5) Changing rules of breed council membership to include the word "personally" in the requirement of showing a cat of the breed. Motion fails.

6) Presented by the CFA Board. Housekeeping to remove the requirement for mailing the CFA almanac. Passes.

7) Out of order, due to passing of number 6. It had to do with the same thing.

8) Breed council membership. Requiring membership to lapse if a BC member doesn't vote for 5 years or doesn't show a cat for 10 years. Failed. (not even close)

9) Breed council membership again. Withdrawn.

10) Forbidding the denial of a club having a show having its show denied due to changing its location and conflicting with a show in another region. Motion fails. (not even close)

11-24 are show rule resolutions

11) A lengthy proposal requiring competition for qualifying rings... rationale is that clubs are hurting from lack of entries. Motion Fails (not even close)

(12 and 13 were discussed somewhat together)

13) Discussed first - because it's less inclusive than 12. HHP - makes it more clear that HHP could be cats that were rescued or rec'd 3 na/ims. fails.

12) Change to hhp class to make it more clear that just about any cat is eligible (other than wild crosses or wild cats) Removing verbiage about
pedigreed cats with disqualifying traits... It was commented that this allowed any cat to show as HHP - because it could be a premiership cat one weekend and a HHP cat the next weekend. That means that yes, any cat, any a previous national winner. And yes they could flip-flop in the same season. So a cat could get a HHP win and a premiership win the same year (I keep mentioning premiership because HHP 8 months and older have to be neutered/spayed) but you can't show HHP and premiership at the same show. Passes 2/3

14) Allowing a cat to transfer to grand at any point during a show. All negative comments. Fails.

15) Introducing a new award that for cats that make 30 finals a season at least 3 different seasons. passes 2/3

16) protecting clubs with traditional dates/shows from any other show within 500 miles. withdrawn

17) requiring the regional director to pre-notice new shows before approving them to allow region clubs to give opinions to the RD before the RD makes 
decision. passed 50%

18) central office will maintain a website listing of all traditional show dates. passes 2/3

19) allows entry clerks to use a link to the show flyer rather than attaching it to an email. passes 2/3

20) changing top 15 thresholds in ch'ship to 115 and premiership to 60 (from 150 and 75). passes 50%

21) changing top 15 thresholds in ch'ship to 100 and premiership to 60 (from 150 and 75) (in allbreed rings) fails

22) changing top 15 thresholds in ch'ship to 100 and premiership to 60 (from 150 and 75) (in SP rings) fails

23) to not allow judges or members of their household may not show cats to rw, bw, nw... they can show a cat to grand or kittens for experience. fails

24) change national awards to point thresholds (6000 for ch'ship, 3000 for kittens, and 2400 for premiership) Also includes a requirement for a min of 25 cats in each category to be awarded NWs. It was pointed out the numbers for kittens and premierships seem to be reversed. Fails

non show rule resolutions

25) Changing the rules about names on a cattery (forbidding more than 4 people on a cattery and forbidding adding names to a cattery after 5 years). 

Proposals from the floor

#1 - allowing the use of birth control / hormones in female cats. failed

Sunday Notes:

I left out in my notes from Friday that CFA has a new spokescat! Garfield! Yes, really! CFA has signed a contract with Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, and Garfield is now our spokes cat (it's a 15 month contract, could be renewed). Garfield is probably this most recognizable cat in the world and hopefully will bring much needed recognition to CFA. Jim Davis is aware of CFA (prior to our contact with him.) He stated Garfield is an American Shorthair. :) Garfield will be appearing on the new CFA yearbook cover (beautiful artwork, there are a limited number of prints that can also be purchased of that artwork), as well as other print and perhaps video marketing that CFA is soon launching.  You will also see him on the CFA website and other CFA related materials.

Sunday board meeting notes - the Sunday board meeting was very brief - 1 hour - all open session.

1) Sponsorships - club sponsorships are available to pretty much any club. It is preferred that the show is a 2 day show. An application can be made to Bob Johnston (RVjohnston@hotmail.com). Every show that asked for a sponsorship last year other than regional awards shows were able to get some money. It is required that the sponsorship money be used for marketing only. Clubs – please apply!

2) Discussion of an early "off-schedule" ballot for the Burmese breed council regarding the use and importations of outcross cats. Tabled until the Burmese BC presents a complete, detailed plan.

3) Budget - Eigenhauser made a motion to restore Board Member per diems (which used to be $30 a day and were removed 2 years ago) since CFA was operating in the black again. A motion was made to restore a per diem of $25 a day. Motion passed, all in favor - except me. I voted no because I felt like it's not that big of a deal to pay for my own meals if CFA pays for me to fly to meetings and for my lodging . I rarely claimed the per diem when I served on the BOD before and I simply did not see the need to restore it. While CFA is operating in the black now (yeah!) there is still so much more that must be done and money saved on per diems might be better used in legislation or marketing. It would be around 2100 to pay for the board member's per diem for the 4 days of the annual. But that's just my opinion. Also a motion to have coffee provided for board members for morning meetings. It passed, and I'm not sure if it was stipulated that $5 of the $25 per diem was to go toward the coffee. I don't think so.

4) World Cat Congress Report. Wayne Trevathan did a very comprehensive report on the WCC which he attended as CFA's rep. The primary area of concern was ANFI in Italy creating a nearly impossible environment for any other cat organization to operate shows in Italy. WCF has asked that CFA pair up with them in working together to establish a presence in Italy. The next WCC will be held in England.

5) Steel City CC (Reg 4 club) requested to use the 2nd weekend in Feb again to have a 6x6 show in Pittsburg. Sophisticats in NC feels the Steel City show hurt them very much this last Feb (they were down by 80 entries). After much discussion, the Steel City show was approved, with the following 2 caveats: they must have a format that includes 4 SP rings, and even though they are using the weekend for the 2nd year in a row, they would not necessarily be able to claim that as a "traditional date" as described in the show rules. The BOD will revisit the issue after the Feb 2013 shows. I found both of these caveats very interesting precedents - requiring a show to have a certain amount of SP rings, and also setting aside the provisions in the show rules for traditional weekends. It's possible that these ideas won't be applied to other clubs, but then again, it's possible it will be!

6) Since the delegation passed a resolution that CFA must provide on the website a listing of traditional dates, all RD's have been instructed to provide a
schedule of traditional shows/dates in their region to central office within 2 weeks time. I am asking that all clubs contact me that have traditional dates
ASAP - I will then post a listing of those clubs on the Reg 3 list so everyone can check it for accuracy - when we have it as accurate as possible, it will be
posted on R3 website (There used to be one there, we'll update it) and also sent on to CFA.

Jerry listed off the committee appointments too fast for anyone to write them down. I can tell you there were very few changes from the current committees. I am chair of one committee, Code of Conduct (which is to draw up some very clear expectations and consequences of exhibitor/breeder behavior both inside and outside the show hall. It is to make more clear what is "conduct detrimental" to the cat fancy. Anyone interested in working on this with me - please contact me! I'd love input from anyone and everyone, inside and outside the region.) The Animal Welfare committee chair, Linda Berg, has stepped down, and the position is currently vacant. This is a job that CFA really needs filled - if you know of anyone or you yourself are interested in it, please contact Jerry Hamza or myself.

I will also be working on the Mentoring/Newbee (these two were combined), IT, and Breeds & Standards committees to some degree.

As always - if there are any questions you have, please feel free to contact me. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best find out who does.

That's all for now! I will see many of you in Conroe (Regional Meeting planned for Conroe) and Waco - let's get those shows some entries! :)


--<Carissa Altschul>--