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2007-2008 Region 3 Winners

Best Cat

GC, BW, NW Janviers's Baguette

Br: S. Ferguson and Donald & Mary Ann Sweeters

Ow: M. Heidel and Donald & Mary Ann Sweeters

Top 25 Cats 2008 Album

Best Kitten

RW Divination Cicciolina of Elan

Br: F. Gaspard - E. Legranger
Ow: Grant-Field/Gaspard/Legranger

Top 25 Kittens 2008 Album

Best Cat in Premiership

GP, NW Star Coons Bootscoot of Texas Belle

Br: Donna Day, Elizabeth Gaither
Ow: E. Gaither, Donna Day

Top 25 Cats in Premiership 2008 Album

Best Household Pet


Ow: Amanda Jane Garcia

Top 10 Household Pets 2008 Album

Distinguished Merit Cats Album

"People" Album Compliments of Larry Johnson Photography