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Gulfshore Region Top 25 Cats

Best Cat
GC, BW, NW Trutails Court Jester

Br: Trudie-Dennis Allen
Ow: Trudie-Dennis Allen
Second Best Cat
GC, BW, NW Janvier's Claire De Lune of Kuorii

Br: S. Ferguson - D-Ma Sweeters
Ow: Magno-Sweeters-Carnevaletti
Third Best Cat
GC, NW Cacao Make Everything Magical

Br: Janet-Carissa Altschul
Ow: Janet-Carissa Altschul
Fourth Best Cat
GC, NW Angelbear Run4theroses

Br: Paula M. Noble
Ow: Lynn Search-Paula M. Noble
Fifth Best Cat
GC, RW Texas Belle Billy Bob

Br: Elizabeth Gaither
Ow: E. Gaither-B. Fussell-P. Idleman
Sixth Best Cat
GC, RW Sunstone United 93 of Pikespeak

Br: Babcock-Lambeck-Hodgkins
Ow: Hodgkins-Babcock-D. Darr
Seventh Best Cat
GC, RW Consuelo Constellation

Br: C. Carroll-M. Johnson-F. Winfield
Ow: C. Carroll-M. Johnson-F. Winfiel
Eighth Best Cat
GC, RW Latin Lover Rose Mary of Elan

Br: Carnevaletti-Gaspard-Boucher
Ow: Beth Grant-Field
Ninth Best Cat
GC, RW Caitria's Sugar Bear

Br: Sandra-Jim Defoe
Ow: Sandra-Jim Defoe
Tenth Best Cat
GC, BW, RW Front Range Onyxpected

Br: Kelli Griffin-Gary Shubert
Ow: Kelli Griffin-Gary Shubert
Eleventh Best Cat
GC, RW Rickat Morpheus of Sindorsen

Br: M. McCarthy-H. Stolhand-K. Feigt
Ow: R. Feigt-D. Feigt-H. Stolhand
Twelfth Best Cat
GC, GP, RW Pavlova Jaguar Xkr

Br: Vicky Edwards
Ow: Vicky Edwards
Thirteenth Best Cat
GC, RW Korindah Fleur De Lis of Janvier

Br: Ken - Janelle Lawrence
Ow: D-M. Sweeters-K-J. Lawrence
Fourteenth Best Cat
GC, RW Six Guns Monte Walsh

Br: William H. Lyons Jr
Ow: Janis Walkingstick-S. Wizniak
Fifthteenth Best Cat
GC, RW D'Eden Lover Extasy of Elan

Br: Frederic Gaspard
Ow: Frederic Gaspard-Beth Field
Sixteenth Best Cat
GC, RW Art Deco Isitruewhatheysayboutdixie

Br: Valere Hull-Linda Barefoot
Ow: Valere Hull-Linda Barefoot
Seventeenth Best Cat
GC, RW SoestHill I Walk The Line

Br: D. Ray-Anne Edwards
Ow: J-J. Rogers-D. R-A. Edwards
Eighteenth Best Cat
GC, RW Absolute Enzo

Br: Cynthia Cash-Martha Auspitz
Ow: Cynthia Cash-Brenda Fye
Nineteenth Best Cat
GC, RW Astech's Mariachi

Br: Sue Truesdell
Ow: Sue Truesdell
Twentieth Best Cat
GC, RW Dollhowse Travelin' Man

Br: Janeil Cillessen
Ow: Janeil Cillessen
Twenty-first Best Cat
GC, RW Astech's Marisol

Br: Sue Truesdell
Ow: Sue Truesdell
Twenty-second Best Cat
GC, RW Maikai April Fool of Magnicats

Br: Carol Booth
Ow: Carol J. Booth-Lynne Schreiner
Twenty-third Best Cat
GC, RW Purrtigers Big Puma

Br: Becky Carazzone
Ow: Becky Carazzone
Twenty-forth Best Cat
GC, RW Burnbrae Wellington of Kitt N Boots

Br: Lyn-Keir Knight
Ow: L-G. Boot-L. Knight-D. Boettcher
Twenty-fifth Best Cat
GC, RW Qt-Tonks Southern Belle of Sazikatz

Br: Harold-Diane Bourgeois
Ow: Sheryl Zink