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Gulfshore Region Top 25 Kittens

Best Kitten
GC, RW D'Eden Lover Kim of Elan

Br: Gaspard-Boucher-Carnevaleti
Ow: Beth Grant-Field
Second Best Kitten
GP, RW Janvier's Dior of Zapzkatz

Br: D-Ma Sweeters-K-J. Lawrence
Ow: Sweeters-Ammons-Smalts
Third Best Kitten
GC, RW CSA Blowin' In The Wind of Art Deco

Br: Valere Hull-Lynne Von Egidy
Ow: Linda Barefoot-Valere Hull
Fourth Best Kitten
GC, RW Korindah Fleur De Lis of Janvier

Br: Ken - Janelle Lawrence
Ow: D-M. Sweeters-K-J. Lawrence
Fifth Best Kitten
GC, RW D'Eden Lover Dallas of Elan

Br: F. Gaspard-A. Leclerc
Ow: Gaspard-Leclerc-Grant-Field
Sixth Best Kitten
CH, RW Nascat Daytona Dash

Br: Donna Hinton
Ow: Donna Hinton
Seventh Best Kitten
GC, RW Catria's Simon O'Shay

Br: Sandra-Jim Defoe
Ow: Sandra-Jim Defoe
Eighth Best Kitten
GC, RW Coonopry's Honeysuckle Rose

Br: Sheila Haskins-Judith Schulz
Ow: Sheila Haskins
Ninth Best Kitten
GC, RW Cacao Xcitement

Br: Janet-Carissa Altschul
Ow: Janet-Carissa Altschul
Tenth Best Kitten
GC, RW Joleigh's Stephen Webster, Ltd

Br: Sue Bloomquist-Gary Powell
Ow: Cheryl-Charles Dorrell
Eleventh Best Kitten
GC, RW D'Eden Lover Akira of Elan

Br: F. Gaspard-P. Carnevaletti
Ow: Beth Grant-Field
Twelfth Best Kitten
GC, RW Caitria's Sugar Bear

Br: Sandra-Jim Defoe
Ow: Sandra-Jim Defoe
Thirteenth Best Kitten
GC, RW Wildtracks Over The Moon

Br: Sue Riley-Mark Henrichs
Ow: Sue Riley-Mark Henrichs
Fourteenth Best Kitten
GP, RW Idlemaine Dream Come True

Br: E. Gaither-P. Idleman
Ow: Pat Idleman-E. Gaither
Fifthteenth Best Kitten
GC, RW Jude Chip Off The Old Rock

Br: Judy-Hal Harper
Ow: Judy-Hal Harper
Sixteenth Best Kitten
GC, RW Nascat Rev-Up N Fire Thru

Br: Donna Hinton
Ow: Donna Hinton
Seventeenth Best Kitten
RW Divinedesign Glorious Grace

Br: C'Anne-M. Vincent Chavaneau
Ow: C'Anne-M. Vincent Chavaneau
Eighteenth Best Kitten
GC, RW Posh Persian Max A Million

Br: Donna Waskiewicz
Ow: Donna Waskiewicz
Nineteenth Best Kitten
GC, RW Cacao Xtra Cream N Sugar

Br: Janet-Carissa Altschul
Ow: Janet-Carissa Altschul
Twentieth Best Kitten
GC, RW Marleevo's Wild Fire

Br: Allennia -Jean Voerster
Ow: Allennia-Jean Voerster
Twenty-first Best Kitten
GC, RW Dollhowse Little Diva

Br: Janeil Cillessen
Ow: Janeil Cillessen
Twenty-second Best Kitten
CH, RW Tomorrow's Rafa

Br: Patricia Toft
Ow: Patricia Toft
Twenty-third Best Kitten
CH, RW Magnicats Bread Puddin' of Kernel

Br: Judy Binion-Lynne Schreiner
Ow: Lynne Schreiner-Sherry Kern
Twenty-forth Best Kitten
CH, RW Bayou Moon Lilly

Br: Tom-Judy Binion
Ow: Judy Binion
Twenty-fifth Best Kitten
RW Qt-Tonks Hurricane Gustav

Br: Harold-Diane Bourgeois
Ow: Harold-Diane Bourgeois