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CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Program

The CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Program was launched in October, 2010 and is
just one of the programs of the CFA Ambassador Program. The CFA
Ambassador Program is completely funded by the Iams Corporation and has
been funded by Iams for the past two years.

The mission of this program is to offer our clubs a hands-on marketing
program that allows the general public that attends our cat shows, the
opportunity to personally interact with a purebred cat and a breeder who
is willing to give their time and dedication to answer questions about
purebred cats, their specific breed and cat ownership in general. The
Ambassador Cat will be available for touching, petting and holding by
the public.

Presently there are thirteen CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats in this program.
The first thirteen CFA-Iams Ambassadors and their cats were chosen for
this program because they all have a history of attending more then 24
shows in a show season and have personal involvement in their breed.
Most of these dedicated people attended last year's MTB to represent
their respective breeds. Each one of these dedicated people has
committed attendance at 24 shows per year with their Ambassador Cat to
the Ambassador Cat Program. The first CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats were
nominated by judges, regional directors and breed council secretaries.
We are hopeful that Iams will continue to fund this wonderful program
and we can increase the number of CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats in the

The thirteen CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats are located in all 7 regions in
the US and represent different breeds. In region #1 is Diane Bove and
her Selkirk Rex and Diane Coppolla and her Birman. In region #2 is Mark
Rowe and his Somali. In region #3 is Donna Hinton and her Maine Coon.
In region #4 is Kathi Hoos and her Siamese, Ginger Gunlock and her
European Burmese and Wilma Van Scoyk and her Persian. In region #5 is
Tracy Dalton and her Exotic and Mike Shelton and his NFC. In region 6
is Maureen Kramanak and her Bombay. In region #7 is Pat Hawk and her
Sphynx, Dawn Crisp and her American Short Hair and Shirley Peet and her
Exotic. Besides placing CFA-Iams Ambassadors in all seven regions, the
Ambassador Committee did a study to identify the area where most CFA
shows are produced. This study was also instrumental in choosing the
location of our CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats.

The mission and commitment of our CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats is to attend
many shows per show season. This is a huge commitment for these cats
and their owners to CFA and the Ambassador Committee. Our CFA-Iams
Ambassadors will be contacting show managers, show secretaries and/or
entry clerks requesting permission to attend their show and eight feet
of complimentary benching space, in addition to what they may have
entered and paid for. This complimentary space will house a show
shelter for the CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat and a display area so the public
will have the opportunity to sit and visit and pet the Ambassador Cat.

This program is not intended to give free space to show cats or to take
any revenue away from clubs. If a CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat is also
entered in a show, the Ambassador pays for their show entry and their
half cage if needed. The clubs will be asked to provide the only the
extra display space so the public can have access to see, visit and pet
the cat. These Ambassadors are expected to reach out and share the joy
of purebred feline ownership. They have committed to freely give their
time and their knowledge to the general public at cat shows. The
CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat is not paid nor receives any profit for their
dedication to this program.

The show management will be invited to advertise their attendance and
invite spectators to come and meet and greet the CFA-Iams Ambassador

Some clubs have printed a handout to give to their spectators telling
them the location of the CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat. These dedicated
Ambassador people are committed to bringing the CFA message and joys of
purebred ownership to our spectators.

If your club is producing a show and you are contacted by a CFA-Iams
Ambassador Cat, please invite these wonderful cats and their owners to
your show. While we understand that providing complimentary space to
our CFA-Iams Ambassador cats is solely at the club's discretion and
based on availability, we know that your club will do its best to
support a CFA corporate sponsored initiative.

This is a great opportunity for your show as well as it is for CFA.
If anyone has any questions about this exciting program, please contact

Karen Lane at karenllane@comcast.net or by telephone at 561-274-1911.