You may not have noticed, but not all CFA recognized breeds are listed on the Breed Sponsorship section. Only those breeds that have at least ONE cat that has reached our Region's point threshold are listed.

For the show season (2019-2020) the following points are required to qualify for Regional Breed and Color Wins in the Gulf Shore Region.
    Regional Breed Win (Best, 2nd, or 3rd) - 50 points
    Regional Color Win (Best or 2nd) - 50 points

The majority of the breeds have cats/kittens that qualify in all 3 categories, but some of the more minority breeds or breeds new to CFA may not have all 3 categories available. Some have cats/kittens that are coming up, but just haven't reached the magic 50 points yet. If you have access to the epoints you can check any breed and tell which cats have how many points and which region they are in. Since the breed won't go up on the page until at least one has reach 50 points you can be sure that your sponsorship will be valid so we won't have to deal with refunds.

Hope this answers your questions, feel free to ask more if I've been unclear.

Toni Huff
Region 3 Sponsorship Chairman