Summer, 2006
James Watson, Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Region 3



Region 3 News:



The Regional Awards Show and Awards Banquet was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma this year at the Tulsa Convention Center.  It was a great success and I would like to thank the Oil Capital Cat Club and everyone else that made the event possible.


 2006 Awards Program….…………………………………………………Belinda Ernest, Sue Thompson, Lonnie Hoover

Master of Ceremonies……………………………………………………..John Chapman

Awards Announcers……………………………………………………… John Chapman and Barbara Hoffmann

Walk of Stars, Parade of Grands………………………………….……….Dennis Allen 

On the Road Again………………………………...…………….……….. Sue Riley/Mark Henrichs

Video Presentations……………………………..………………….……...James Watson

Regional Awards Book……………………………………………………James Watson

Awards....………………………………………………………….………Jan Rogers    

Ribbons & Rosettes……………..………………………………………...Donna Hinton

Decorations………………………………………………………………..Sheila Haskins, Betsy Gaither, Chris Willingham

Banquet Seating…………………………………………………………...Belinda Ernest, Betsy Gaither

Art Work………………………………………………………….……….Terry Bratfish and Wild Endeavors

Banquet Tickets……………………………………………….…………. Betsy Gaither, Belinda Ernest





Congratulations to the top cats in the GSR


Best Cat in Championship


Pamela J. Bassett


Best Cat in Premiership


L. Davis – J. Barefoot – S. Hull


Best Kitten

Valere & Steven Hull





Congratulations to Betty Haden who was selected as

The Spotlight Award / Exhibitor of the Year in the Gulf Shore Region.


The Gulf Shore Region Exhibitor / Cat Fancier of the Year was chosen from a field of 5 worthy exhibitors who were nominated by various admirers in the Gulf Shore Region.  Previous winners Warren Joubert and Karen Crooke headed up the committee to choose the winner.  They were assisted by Becky Carazzone and Belinda Ernst.  They are pleased to tell the story of this year's choice!


The 2006 Gulf Shore Region Exhibitor / Cat Fancier of the Year registered her first litter in July of 1983.  Over the next few years in the 1980s, she and her husband became friends with and acquired cats from some of the most prestigious Persian catteries.  Several of these breeders became dear friends and mentors....Brannaway;  Gatnel; and when she moved into Exotic Shorthairs in the mid 90s, SouthPaw, WoodSpirit, Dancecats and Lankhara. 


Her first home-bred Grand Champion was born in 1986, combining the Gatnel and Brannaway Persian lines.

In 1989 she bred one litter of Scottish Folds..and added KitJim to the list of renowned cattery names with which she has been associated.


In 2002, Our 2006 Gulf Shore Region Exhibitor / Cat Fancier of the Year gave up the joys of grooming longhairs...and switched to a curly-coated shorthaired breed...the Devon Rex!  Another exciting event happened...she ran for and was elected to serve the Gulf Shore Region as Regional Director in 2002-2003!  She joined our own region's Pam DelaBar (the new CFA Prez at the time) on the Board of Directors of CFA.  She also began working with Anna Sadler and Dee Hinkle on the newly formed "CFA Pure Bred Rescue Committee".


In 2003, our Fancier of the Year bred her first Grand Champion Devon Rex, co-bred and co-owned with Sheila Parvin of Technicolor Devons. This combination of Alsace and Technicolor lines also became a Regional Winner for our GSR Exhibitor of the Year! 


In 2005, she reached the milestone of having bred and shown 10 grand champions and grand three different breeds...Persians, Exotic Shorthairs, and Devon Rex.  Currently, she is a Director at Large of the Devon Rex Breed Club and has co-bred and co-owned the 2002-03 Fourth Best of Breed Devon Rex Kitten and the 2003-04 3rd Best of Breed Devon Rex Kitten (with Sheila Parvin).


By now, I know you all recognize BETTY HADEN as the Gulf Shore Region Exhibitor / Cat Fancier of the Year for 2006!  But we're not through singing her praises...for breeding and exhibiting cats are only a small part of her admirable service to the Gulf Shore Region.  In addition to ably directing the business of the Gulf Shore Region as it's Regional Director, she also served as Board Liaison for the Pure Bred Rescue Committee.  Betty is also an excellent Master Clerk and offers her services to many of the shows.  She's a true fount of knowledge about show procedures and never fails to answer a request for advice or help.  She truly exemplifies "going the extra mile" for her friends and acquaintances in the cat fancy!


Betty joined Anna Sadler and Dee Hinkle, along with the Ft. Worth Cat Club, in the purebred rescue effort in Texas.  Betty has been secretary and treasurer for the CFA Purebred Rescue Committee and was instrumental in getting the 501C3 status for it as a separate organization.  She has worked with the Austin, San Antonio and Houston SPCAs and other local animal groups.  Betty single handedly developed the San Antonio local rescue and created foster homes on her own in the past several years.


Essentially, when something needs to be done, or someone needs help, you can always count on Betty.  In spite of her personal challenges, Betty is always available for her cat fancy family.


We think that “purrfectly” exemplifies the qualifications of the 2006 Gulf Shore Region Exhibitor / Cat Fancier of the Year, Betty Haden.


With great admiration,

Karen Crooke and the Committee


PS. If you didn’t notice, there is a page in the Awards Book to write in the Winners name.  It is the page following the Top Cats in Championship.






Becky Fussell won the GSR fundraiser that was just completed.  She will receive a $1,000 gift card to Circuit City and if everything goes right, I will present it to her at the Bougalie Rebels Cat Club show in Kenner, LA on July 8th.  This raised around $700 for the region.




Congratulations to Betsy Gaither who was appointed as Treasurer of the Winn Foundation and confirmed at the Annual. 





Congratulations to the following Gulf Shore Winners:


Championship:  GC, RW MARLEEVO’S DOUBLE TAKE  Owner: Allennia & Jean Voerster


Premiership:  GP, RW MAROON COONS SHANTILY LACE OF Y1KAT  Owner:  Judy Lindemann

Agility:  GP, RW GULFCATS JISOKU  Owner:  Paul & Toni Huff


The overall national winner of the CCC contest was our very own Gulf Shore Region’s





Terry Brown, Gulf Shore Historian

After all these past years of being Historian for the Gulf Shore Region, I have decided to finally step down and let Betty Haden take over this labor of love for me. She will continue to maintain all records, pictures, etc in the same loving manner as I have. Richard and I have decided in our golden years to slow down and smell the flowers and want to continue showing but on a limited basis due to our health and ages.

We have both enjoyed the many years we have had in the cat fancy and have many friends here which we do and will miss but it is the time for the young ones to step forward and make us all proud and with the continued help of those of more experience that will be done, then when we do go to shows we can proudly say why look there, I knew him/her when they were young now look at them.

Please show Betty the same courtesy and cooperation that you have shown me these past years and I am sure you will all see that she gets all your pictures, year books, etc so she can exhibit some new material at the next show when region calls for the Historical Data. I want to thank everyone who has kindly donated papers, books, etc and we can be proud of the fact that we have a complete set of yearbooks. I think we are the only region to have a complete set.

See you all at the shows....sometime you may just turn around and there we will be.

Terry Brown
Gulf Shore


On behalf of the Gulf Shore Region, I would like to thank Terry for all her hard work and devotion to the region.  The pictures and scrapbooks that she has put together are wonderful.  Please let her know how much you appreciate her work.










Gulf Shore Officers and Committee Chairs

GSR Director - James Watson

GSR Secretary - Trudie Allen

GSR Treasurer - Betsy Gaither

GSR Finance Committee - Chair Betsy Gaither, Bill Coombes, Chris Willingham, Jimmie Hawley

GSR Legislative News – Karen Crooke, Lynette Clooney

GSR Webmaster – George Snell

GSR Regional Shows Committee - James Watson, Chair

GSR Clerking Committee - Marsha Ammons, Chair

GSR 2007 Annual Chair - James Watson

GSR Historical Committee - Betty Haden, Chair

GSR Pure Breed Rescue - Betty Haden, Chair

GSR Junior Showmanship Committee - Chair-Cheryl Peck, Grace Guidry, Brenda Moore


If you are interested in any of the above committees, contact the Chair to see how you can help.









The following have agreed to Chair the respective committees.


2007 Annual Chair                                         James Watson

Entertainment and Hospitality nights           Paul & Toni Huff

Delegate Services                                          Marsha Ammons      

Banquet Decorations                                     Betsy Gaither & Betty White

Publicity                                                          Karen Crooke

Special Projects                                              Lonnie & Gloria Hoover

Delegate Bags                                                           Karen Godwin


Once again, if you want to help, check with the committee chair and volunteer your services.  This is a preliminary list and will expand as the Annual approaches.  And it will approach much sooner than you think.  Clubs, start thinking about what you are going to donate to the Delegate Bags.  You can contact Karen Godwin for ideas and suggestions of where to look for “goodies”.











CFA News:


The June Board Meeting & Annual Report


Wednesday morning Pam read the list of members of the Credentials Committee and they were accepted.  Eve Russell is the Chair of this committee.  The CC is the one that checks all the delegate’s applications to make sure all the information is present and correct.  This allows the delegates to be seated and vote.  They also open the election ballots on Friday morning (starting at 7 am), tally the votes and then present the results to the Delegation during the Annual Meeting.  This year was the election of the Officers and Regional Directors.  My wife Paula is on the CC but did not participate in the election ballot count as I was running for office.


Budget Report: Kathy Calhoun.  This is an over view of where we are as of April 30,2006.

Assets are same as last year.

Ordinary Income-Registrations and related services.  Registrations are down about 6% from last year and 1.7% under budget.  This follows the downward trend of the last several years.  Please register your litters!

Yearbook and Almanac.  The Yearbook and Almanac combined was a loss of about $60,000.  Which was about the same as last year.

CFA Sponsored Events.  Both the International and Madison Square Garden suffered losses this year.  The International lost about $15,000 and the MSG show lost about $68,000.

Operating Expenses.  Central Office ended on budget.

Overall CFA experienced a net loss last year of approx. $45,000 after deducting the one time expenses.


Club Applications:  Jo Ann Cummings.  Region 7, The Monticello Cat Club - failed.   The club is located in an area already saturated with clubs and there are no show dates available.

International Clubs that were accepted:

Cat Fanciers of Finland.  Helsinki, Finland   -   China International Cat Club.  Beijing, China

Philippine Cat Lovers’ Society.  Manila, Philippines   -   Rex Club.  Saint Petersburg, Russia

Clubs that failed to be accepted:

Taiwan Cat Fanciers’ Club.  Taiwan, ROC


International Report:  Darrell Newkirk.  The ID has elected their new representatives to serve their areas of the International Division.  Wilson Ng was elected by the Asia/Latin America area of the ID and Dennis Lysterburg was elected by the European Area of the ID.  The remainder of the report was about shows in the ID.  If you would like more information, let me know and I'll provide it.


Central Office:  Allene Tartaglia.  These are mostly house keeping items, ratification of items passed at previous Board Meetings, and out of regions show requests, all passed.  We are starting updating, upgrading and budgeting for replacement of the computer system in CO.  This project was passed by the board and it will happen over a period of years as data is migrated from the old system to the new one.  The accounting software has already been ordered.  Allene Tartaglia has been appointed as acting Executive Director and things are operating smoothly in CO.  Allene announced that our insurance carrier, Chubb, did not increase our premiums this year.


Winn Foundation:  George Eigenhauser.  Winn awarded 11 research grants for a total of $131,364.  Winn now has a “newsroom” on  This is a lengthy report.  If you would like more information let me know and I’ll provide it to you.  You can also see the Winn Newsletter and more information on their web site at  Oh, did I mention that Betsy Gaither is their first treasurer outside someone from Central Office?  Congratulations Betsy.


Animal Welfare:  Linda Berg.  Linda Berg has attended the HSUS convention in Anaheim, CA with Joan Miller.  With CFA's active involvement in Pure Breed Rescue and Animal Welfare, the convention attendees are now seeking out CFA at these types of conventions as a source of knowledge and information.  This is a big change from several years ago.  CFA is committed to attending these types of meetings and keeping a high profile.  We got to see the newly finished Operation Nobel Foster Program brochures.  Very nice.


Purebred Rescue:  Linda Berg.  Approximately 500 cats rescued with over $5,000 in donations to off set the cost of Veterinary and rescue expenses.  They established a fundraising partnership with CashForCritters and Pampered Chef.  Also developed a ‘emergency contacts’ magnet for fundraising.

 Legislative:  Joan Miller.  This is a really involved situation with PAWS and AKC's support of it.  However, CFA will not back down in its opposition of the PAWS legislation.  Please look at this legislation on the CFA website at  Also checkout Fanc-e-Mews for recent articles


Judging Program:  Rachel Anger. 

The following Judges were advanced:


Accept as Trainee:
Kathy Calhoun (LH – 1st Specialty)                     Dennis Ganoe (LH – 2nd Specialty)
Teresa Keiger (SH – 1st Specialty)                      Sharon Powell (SH – 2nd Specialty)
John Webster (SH – 2nd Specialty)
Advance to Apprentice Specialty:
B. Iris Tanner (SH – 2nd Specialty)
Advance to Approval Pending Specialty:
Marsha Ammons (SH – 1st Specialty)                 Marjorie Collier (LH – 2nd Specialty)
Ed Davis (LH – 2nd Specialty)                             Megumi Yamashita (LH – 1st Specialty)
Advance to Approved Specialty:
Vicki Baylus (SH – 1st Specialty)                        Dennis Ganoe (SH – 1st Specialty)
Barbara Jaeger (LH – 1st Specialty)                     Jeff Janzen (LH – 2nd Specialty)
Kazuko Kurokawa (SH – 1st Specialty                 Edward Maeda (LH – 2nd Specialty)
Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell (SH – 2nd Specialty)       Sharon Powell (LH – 1st Specialty)
John Webster (LH – 1st Specialty)                      Beverly Wood (SH – 2nd Specialty)
Advance to Approval Pending Allbreed:
Jeff Janzen                    Edward Maeda               Jo Ann Miksa-Blackwell              Beverly Wood
Advance to Approved Allbreed:
Kathy Black                  Hisako Komota              Jan Rogers                                Ayumi Ueda


Protest committee: George Eigenhauser.  The new process is now in effect.  The protest committee will hear the protest and then present the findings to the Board during closed session the next day with a recommendation.  This will then be reviewed by the full Board and voted on.  This will give the protest process a better flow of information and allow more time for the protest to be heard.  This will also allow the full Board to actually have more information but spend less meeting time on the protest.  This new process is a benefit to all involved.  It was recommended by George  “That individuals and catteries under suspension from CFA (other than temporary Animal Welfare suspensions pending investigation) be listed in an area of the web site accessible to the public, along with such disclaimer as may be necessary.  Temporary suspensions when done as punishment (i.e. other than temporary Animal Welfare suspensions pending investigation) should be listed until CFA services are restored.”  This action item passed and you will now be able to get updated information on the CFA website.  It will take a while to get this set up, but it will be done.


CFA-IAMS CAT CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW:  Pam Huggins.  The new Committee Chairperson, Pam Huggins, and Show Manager, Dawn Shiley were named following the February 2006 Board Meeting and would like to thank the Board for their continued support of this show.  The committee’s goal is to re-engineer all areas to produce a well-run, well-attended show/media event without significant budget loss to CFA.  The budget for this years show reflects a $14,000 profit IF we get the sponsorship indicated.


Clerking Program: Regina Shaffer.  Since February 2006 we have added eight (8) clerks to the Clerking Program.  We currently have 349 clerks of various levels: Master Clerk Instructors (MCI) we increase by one to a total of 26, Master Clerks (MC) increased by two to a total of 135, and Certified Ring Clerks increased by five to a total of 188.  We increased by twenty-nine clerks during the last year (+2 MCIs, +11 MCs, +18 RCs).  The interest in the Clerking Program continues to grow as we have had 22 clerking schools since the last Annual.  These schools were mostly in the States however we had 7 schools in the International Division and 5 in Japan.  Since the last report we have had 8 clerking school covering seven states and one in Japan.  These schools were taught by six MCs working towards their MCI and 2 MCIs.   We have six schools planned in the coming months including one in Malaysia.  During the last year we also conducted two Entry Clerking Schools.  Both of these seemed to be well received by those attending. We did complete and print all three clerking manuals:  Clerking Guidelines & Procedures, Clerking Manual, and Master Clerking Manual.  In conjunction with the 2006 CIS in San Mateo, we again will be holding an Entry Clerking School, as well as an accredited Ring Clerking School.


Publications:  Donna Brawner.  Donna submitted proposals for the Yearbook and the Almanac.  The board approved to go forward with this project.  Donna will have solid proposals for the October meeting with an implementation date of 2008 for the Yearbook.  The Almanac proposal was tabled until the October meeting pending more information.


Breeds and Standards: Annette Wilson.  The February, 2006 Board Meeting was the first time any breeds advanced to championship since the formation of Breed Committees.   Are breed committees automatically converted to Breed Councils?  Does the Breed Committee chair automatically become Breed Council Secretary for the remainder of the term (until the next scheduled BC election)?    Breed Committee chairs are elected in the same manner as Breed Council Secretaries.  Recommend the BOD approve this policy.  It was approved.  The committee is also working on a standardized color description chart.


Business Development: Kitty Angell.  A proposal was introduced to license the CFA logo to interested companies for a $100 per year fee.  Passed.  These will be taken on a case by case basis.  The main report was given as a power point presentation to the delegation on Friday.   Mostly showed off our new toys that should be in PetsMart and Petco sometime in September.


Management Committee; James Watson.  Presented the new CFA Board Members Guidebook that was handed out on Sunday morning after the new members were seated.  It was approved to continue the position of Executive Director and begin the search.  A job outline was presented and comments by the board should be received by next week to formalize the wording.  At that point we will begin our search for a new ED.  The plan is to have that position filled by the October board meeting.


Centennial Committee: Liz Watson. The Centennial Celebration was very successful & voting is now going on for the “Cat Idol”.  Congratulations to all participants.  A huge thanks to Kay Janosik & her committee; Alene Shafnisky, Teresa Keiger, Karen Lawrence, & Marcie Baturin, for organizing & running the challenge.  A special thanks to Marcie who, also, did the regional awards for the winners.   Barbara Sacco of Purr-fections has donated the 100 year jewelry to the Best of the Best winner.    The challenge was so well received that inquiries have been made about running it again this year.  It would run on the same format but start in September.  Kay will be writing an article featuring the challenge for the Almanac.  We were asked to vote on running the challenge again for the 2006-07 show season & funding the regional awards.  This was approved.  Look for more information soon.


IT / WEB Committee: Dick Kallmeyer.  The existing HP system has reached the end of its service life.  A proposal was submitted to the budget committee for the migration/transition to a new system within the next 18 months.  It had been planned to launch the new Online Litter Registration (OLR) in time for this annual meeting, but there is still some work and testing to be done.  The CFA web site had 6.6 million page loads, up 42% over a year ago. After spending $18,000 for the development of the Online Confirmation system, fewer than 10%  (557 cats since September 27, 2005) of confirmations are being processed online.  Approximately 75% are coming in via show packets.  NEW ON THE SITE: - Annual information- Press release on bird flu- Top 10 breeds- New issue of Fanc-e-Mews- List of 2005-2006 National and Divisional winners- Numerous translations of CFA forms.


Mentor Program / Ambassador Program; Pat Jacobberger.  Both programs continue to grow.

Ambassadors by region.

Region 1   Geri Fellerman - (NJ area)

Region 2   Mark Rowe -  (Upper NW) 
Region 3.  Amy Haden Castamore -  (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)

Region 4.  Mariane Toth - (Cleveland, OH)

Region 5.  Mary Sietsema - (San Diego, CA)

Region 6.  Sue Gleason -  (Wisconsin)

Region 7   Karen Helmhold -   (Delray Beach, Florida)

Region 7.  Linda Petersen -  (Washington DC Area)

Region 8.  Mr. Hirosho Shinmoto -  (Japan)

Region 9 - International Division: Alenka Unk - (Slovenia)


Pat announced that she would be stepping down as Chair of the Mentor Program.  A new appointment will be made at the Sunday Board Meeting.


Feline Agility:  Kim Everett-Hirsch.  The program is expanding and new Certified Ringmasters and Assistant Ringmasters are being trained.  They are working on standardizing courses, equipment and scoring. 

Regional Representatives:

Doreann Nasin …………………Region 1

Jay Collins………………………Region 2

Becky Carrazone……………….Region 3

Wayne Mull………………………Region 4

Barbara Reimer…………………Region 5

Mary Newmarch ………………..Region 6

Dave Peet………………………..Region 7

Kenji Takako…………………….Region 8 (Japan)

Henny Wintershoven………….. Region 9 (International)


Thursday we met with the Breed Council Secretaries in open session.  The exchange of information between the BCS and Judges and the Board was discussed.  The information should be collected by the BCS by mailing list, regular mail and on ballots. There was discussion about standardizing the color description across all breeds.  There are several breeds that describe the same color in different ways.  

Meeting with the International Division.  Points per country were discussed.

In the afternoon we had a “Meet the Board”.  This was an open forum to discuss anything with any board member.  It was sparsely attended and turned into a meeting of mostly board members.  Adjourned about 5 PM.


The Friday meeting was held with the new format.  Instead of all the committee reports being read to the delegation, most of them were printed in the delegate books.  Only key reports were presented to the group.
I am proud to be part of the Business Development Committee chaired by Kitty Angell.  Our report on the developing marketing projects was well received and will put money to the bottom line of CFA. 

The following are a "done deal"; 4Kids Entertainment is the exclusive worldwide merchandising agent for CFA.
Under this agreement, 4Kids will market cat treats, toys, games, food, beds, grooming products, health aids, scratching posts, carriers, men's and women's apparel to promote CFA.  These items will show up at FAO Schwartz, Wal-Mart, Target and similar stores starting this year. 

CFA entered into an agreement with CatBank to provide DNA services for cats. It will offer such services as Individual DNA Identification and DNA Parentage Identification.  AKC Companion Animal Recovery and CFA have established a partnership with a discounted price and CFA will get $1.00 for each cat registered.
The new Health Care Plan is in effect.  Check it out at . You should be getting info in mailings from CFA.
This is the second year for the Corporate Sponsor Appreciation Plaque and they were presented to those who were present.  We have six levels of sponsorship with the entry level at $5,000 is Pearl; at $10,000, Sapphire; at $50,000, Diamond; at $100,000, Ruby. The highest level is Emerald at $250,000, but no one has made it to that level yet!  These are the companies honored and their level:

Petco Foundation                                   Pearl

World’s Best Litter                                 Pearl

Hartz Mountain Corporation                     Pearl

PetsMart                                               Pearl

Ultimate Pet Products                            Pearl

Bio-Pro Research, LLC                           Pearl

Innova EVO Cat and Kitten                     Pearl

Cats Rule                                              Sapphire

Bowtie Publications                                Sapphire

Petmate Pet Products                            Sapphire

Pet Ecology Brand                                 Sapphire

S&M NuTec, LLC-Greenies                     Diamond

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cats                       Ruby

Royal Canin                                           Ruby

The Iams Company                                Ruby


The Credentials Committee came in to announce the winners of the election.  They are as follows:

President -        Pam DelaBar     391 votes, 41 abstain
Vice President - Kitty Angell       387 votes, 45 abstain
Secretary - Rachel Anger            417 votes, 15 abstain
Treasurer - Kathyrn M. Calhoun   397 votes, 35 abstain
Region 1 -  Debbie Kusy             40 votes, 15 abstain
Region 2 -  Dick Kallmeyer         46 votes, 1 abstain
Region 3 -  James E. Watson     37 votes, 2 abstain
Region 4 -  Loretta Baugh           36 votes, 13 abstain
Region 5 -  Regina Shaffer          28 votes, 9 abstain

Region 6 -  Kay Janisik               45 votes, (elected)
     Paul Patton              31 votes

1 abstain

Region 7 - Peg Johnson 44 votes (elected)
    Wayne Trevathan       29 votes

1 abstain

Region 8 - Yayoi Satoh               34 votes (elected)
    Toruko Arai                9 votes

2 abstain

Lunch was on our own.


After lunch I made the presentation for the 2007 Annual in Austin, TX.  Everyone that was at the Regional Awards Banquet got to see it.  At the end it includes a video of Willie Nelson starting the introduction for On The Road Again.  To see the whole video you will need to attend the Annual next year.

Most of you have already seen the results of the amendments but here they are just to make the report complete.
#1 - Region 8 clubs approve new clubs to Region - Fail
#2 - Change election terms from 2 to 3 years - Fail
#3 - Achievement Winner title - Fail
#4 - One Day show on Sat. / One day show on Sunday - Fail
#5 - Shows with 8, 9, or 10 rings - Fail
#6 - Licensed Clerk/Master Clerk Compensation - passed with 2/3
#7 - Master Clerk Compensation - Fail
#8 - Change minimum entry from 225 to 250 - Fail
#9 - Requiring show secretary to provide count to CFA within 24 hrs. - Fail
#10 - After show close, entry clerk cannot refuse to disclose count - Fail
#11 - Entry clerk must send count to CFA for publication within 48 hrs. - Fail
#12 - Chief ring clerk must tell others when their cats are up - withdrawn
#13 - MC provide list of clerk's exhibit numbers to all the clerks - Fail
#14 - Points awarded for finals given after show hours when cats leave - Fail
#15 - Judges will play with kittens - Fail
#16 - Kittens get 40 rings in either season by choice - Fail
#17 - Regional residence/custodial ownership - Fail
#18 - Change kitten/cat shown in region from once to twice - Fail
#19 - Change in regional assignment - Fail
#20 - Outstanding Cattery Title - Fail

Show rule resolutions from the floor:

#21. Create a new show rule regarding selection process for the judges
for the CFA International show. Clubs would use a two ballot process.
One ballot would select 5 judges from the clubs' region and the other
would select 5 judges from the remaining regions. A complex process
would then entail for the final selections to make sure that judges
from all regions would be represented. The ballots would need to be
finalized by a paid auditing firm. Failed.
#22. Article 25 section 4h addition - CFA should notify in writing to
all club secretaries each quarter of any and all disciplines and
suspensions. - Motion withdrawn due to the announcement from CFA that
permanent suspensions and disciplinary procedures will be published
by CFA in the public portion of their website so that it will be accessible to all.
#23. Carolina Sophisticats wanted to amend show rules that specifically
mention HHPs (7 places in the show rules mention this). They want
HHPs exempted from the non-declawing consideration. Failed.




Sunday morning while everyone else is packing, eating a leisurely breakfast and heading home, the Board of Directors is starting still another meeting at 9:00am. The new directors are introduced.  Kay Jonisik (region 6) and Yayoi Satoh (region 8). Kathy Calhoun presents the proposed budget for 2006-2007 and there is discussion regarding why some numbers are up and some are down.  Some of the committees are not funded just because we don't have the funds at this time. The proposed budget is just that, proposed.  It's a working document that allows us to see where the money is allocated and if we want to move some of it around.  The bottom line was a net loss for next year. This budget does not reflect any income from the new programs that were
introduced and should be greatly changed when those get under way.

Pam DelaBar announced the committee appointments for the year 2006-2007 and
asked that they be ratified as a group. They were and they are as follows:


Animal Welfare/Purebred Rescue                        Linda Berg, Chair

Audit Committee                                                Stan Barnaby  Chair                                                                  

Awards and Honors                                            Rachel Anger, Chair

Breeds and Standards                                        Annette Wilson, Chair (assisted by Peg Johnson)

Business Development Team                              Kitty Angell, Chair. James Watson, Donna Jean Thompson,

                                                                        Roeann Fulkerson, Y. Satoh (Asian interests)                               

CFA Centennial Committee                                 Liz Watson, Chair

CFA Cat Agility                                                  Carol Osborne, Chair

CFA Cat Agility Course Design                           Wayne Mull, Chair

CFA Community Outreach Committee                 Joan Miller, Chair

CFA Foundation                                     David Mare, Chair

CFA IAMS Cat Championship Show                    Pam Huggins, Chair. Dawn Shiley, Show Manager.

CFA International Show                                      Debbie Kusy, Chair.  Joann Cordes-Brown, Show Manager

Clerking                                                            Regina Shaffer, Chair

Club Criteria/Analysis                                         Jo Ann Cummings, Chair

Club Membership                                               Jo Ann Cummings, Chair

Credentials                                                        Eve Russell, Chair

Code of Ethics                                                   Peg Johnson, Chair

Disaster Relief Fund                                           Pam DelaBar, Chair

Executive Committee                                         CFA Officers, Peg Johnson

Finance/Budget                                                 Kathy Calhoun, Chair

International Division                                           Darrell Newkirk, Chair

Judging Program Committee                               Rachel Anger, Chair

Junior Showmanship                                          Emily Turner, Chair (Kitty Angell, Liaison)

Legislation                                                         Joan Miller, Chair

Legislative Group                                               Joan Miller, Chair

Management Team                                            James Watson, Chair

Market Research and Statistics                          Peg Johnson, Chair

Mentorship                                                        Mary Seitsma, Chair

Ombudsman                                                      Pam Higgins, Chair

Personnel                                                          CFA Officers

Protest Committee                                             George Eigenhauser, Chair

Publications                                                      Donna Brawner, Chair

Show Rules                                                       Loretta Baugh, Chair

Show Schedule Coordination                               Gina Lehman, Chair

Technology                                                        Dick Kallmeyer, Chair

Winn Foundation                                                Dr. Susan Little, President (George Eigenhauser, Liaison)


Ratified by Board Vote



Clubs need to get in their Activity Reports.  Please do this, as it is very important to several committees.  The information is used to provide information to various organizations and committees.  You can do this on line at


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I hope that if you have questions or comments that you will not hesitate to ask me.  


Thank you for your support. 

Respectfully submitted,

James Watson

CFA Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Management Team, Chair