October, 2006
James Watson, Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Region 3



Region 3 News:



This past weekend (October 7-8) the Gulf Shore Region pulled together and put on an amazing show. The energy level in the show hall was incredible. The finals were shows unto themselves and our judges outdid themselves in their presentations. We have the best judges in the GSR and that was evident this weekend!

We had one of the best raffles I have seen in many years and the support was overwhelming. John Chapman and Chris Willingham did a fantastic job as our raffle-meisters. We raised almost $2100 as many of our items were hotly contested. Thanks to everyone who contributed fabulous prizes and a special thanks to Glenn Boot for the wonderful custom designed cat tree - it rated three cups for the tickets!

Thanks also to the vendors who came and supported the show. I spoke with Helmi afterwards and she told me this was the best CFA show she had ever done!

A few special people must be singled out; Sheila Haskins for the many hours she and her team put into making the fabulous rosettes and decorations, Lynette Clooney and her team for making sure the judges, clerks, and stewards were well fed, Donna Hinton for securing the clerks, Cindy Rigoni for doing another wonderful job as Master Clerk, Joe Edwards for always being there when show hall problems popped up and for solving them without being asked, and most of all Vicky Edwards and the Lone Star Cat Club for coming forward and offering their club as the sponsor for this show.

And thank you to all the exhibitors and clubs who supported the show with entries, show supplies, donations, and help in the show hall during the weekend. Without all of you there would have been no show!

Peggy Shulman




I can add very little to the report that Peggy just gave other that to say the without Peggy, this show would not have happened.  The enthusiasm she had for this project from the very beginning was enormous.  Thank you and your committees for this contribution to the Gulf Shore Region.  A preliminary accounting puts the show at over $7,000 to the region.  Peggy and Vicky will announce the actual amount when all the bills are paid and checks written.


James Watson

Gulf Shore Regional Director




 Gulf Shore Officers and Committee Chairs

GSR Director - James Watson

GSR Secretary - Trudie Allen

GSR Treasurer - Betsy Gaither

GSR Finance Committee - Chair Betsy Gaither, Bill Coombes, Chris Willingham, Jimmie Hawley

GSR Legislative News – Karen Crooke, Lynette Clooney

GSR Webmaster – George Snell

GSR Regional Shows Committee - James Watson, Chair

GSR Clerking Committee - Marsha Ammons, Chair

GSR 2007 Annual Chair - James Watson

GSR Historical Committee - Betty Haden, Chair

GSR Pure Breed Rescue - Betty Haden, Chair

GSR Junior Showmanship Committee - Chair-Cheryl Peck, Grace Guidry, Brenda Moore


If you are interested in any of the above committees, contact the Chair to see how you can help.





The following have agreed to Chair the respective committees.


2007 Annual Chair                                         James Watson

Entertainment and Hospitality nights           Paul & Toni Huff

Delegate Services                                          Marsha Ammons      

Banquet Decorations                                     Betsy Gaither, Betty White, Chris Willingham

Publicity                                                          Karen Crooke

Special Projects                                              Lonnie & Gloria Hoover

Delegate Bags                                                           Karen Godwin

Vendors                                                          Peggy Shulman


Once again, if you want to help, check with the committee chair and volunteer your services.  This is a preliminary list and will expand as the Annual approaches.  And it will approach much sooner than you think.  Clubs, start thinking about what you are going to donate to the Delegate Bags.  You can contact Karen Godwin for ideas and suggestions of where to look for “goodies”.





CFA News:


The 2006 October Board Meeting


This meeting was held in Detroit at the Marriott Hotel, Airport.  Next years October meeting will be held at the Doubletree Hotel at the Newark Airport in New Jersey.  The next board meeting will be February 3-4th 2007 in Houston, TX.

One of the jobs at the October meeting is to ratify the show rule amendments that were passed at the Annual Meeting in June.


Budget Report: Kathy Calhoun. 

Litter and individual registrations are down 9.1% and 9.7% respectively.  This was taken into consideration in the budget forecast.  Financials are tracking at or over plan budget even though registrations and cattery registrations are down.  Overall income is down 6.4%.


Club Applications:  Jo Ann Cummings. 

New Club:  Cat Fanciers of the Baltics.  International Division.    Accepted

Clubs have been notified that the Club Activity Reports are due.  Please follow through on this.

Club Analysis Reporting to identify locations of all clubs and shows has been added to this committee.

Peg Johnson and Jay Lehman are helping JoAnn with this project.  Research on mapping software to help provide visual reports on CFA club locations and show locations was approved.


International Report:  Darrell Newkirk. 

First Asia/Latin America Awards Show was held in Hong Kong on August 5-6, 2006 with 400 entries. The club presented CFA with a beautiful hand painted and annotated scroll containing 100 cats by famous Chinese artists in honor of CFA’s 100th birthday. This will be displayed at the International Show.


Central Office:  Allene Tartaglia. 

Allene Tartaglia has assumed the position of Central Office Director

Out of Region Shows

Tonkinese Breed Association (3) – August 15-16, 2009 in Region 4 - Wayne MI – Passed

National Birman Fanciers (1) approved for show in Temple, TX Region 3 – Passed

The Enchanted Cat Fanciers (Region 8) requested to add 2 out of region co-sponsors (Portland and Keystone Cat Club) to their show license. Passed 

Fax Declarations:

Three Breed Council Secretary Declarations were received via fax on August 1 deadline.  The CFA Constitution requires a written declaration signed by the candidate but does not prohibit other media to transfer that signature. Motion to accept electronic signature or fax with signature for all declarations was passed.

Breed Council Membership 

A TICA Breed Committee Chair has applied for CFA BC membership.  Do we consider a Breed Committee Chair an officer of that association?  Motion to not consider Breed Committee Chair an office. – Passed.

A UFO judge has applied for CFA BC membership.  Even though CFA does not recognize UFO as an association, they are still judges of another association. Motion to abide by current rules that any judge from any association not be allowed to join the CFA BC. - Passed.

Certified Pedigree Fees for Cats born prior to 1980.

CO Request that the fee be expanded to cats born prior to 1980 in their pedigree at CO discretion. 1980 is the year when 100% of new registrations where computerized.  A cat born in 1985 could require Central Office staff to research 60 or more cats from card files.  About 15,000 cats are still on card files.  There was discussion on getting file records transferred to computer and ideas for getting volunteer help to do this.

Allene will document number of requests that involve these pre 1980 cats.  No action at this time. 

Club Resignations

Gilt Edge Burmese Cat Fanciers.  Motion to accept club’s resignation – Passed

Superstition Cat Fanciers. The Regional Director does not support this resignation. 

Motion to reinstate club - Passed

Breeder Bucks

We did a follow up to clarify decisions made at the June Board Meeting to stop issuing Breeder Bucks December 31, 2006 and extended the ability to redeem Breeder Bucks until April 30, 2007. 

Persian Show Standard – Colors that were dropped accidentally will be added back.  - Passed

Club Name Changes

Hong Kong Millennium Cat Club to Hong Kong International Cat Club – Passed

Kobe Blue Wave Cat Club to Japan Aphrodite Cat Club – Passed


CFA-IAMS CAT CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW:  Pam Huggins.  (Report by Pam DelaBar)

The Madison Square Garden Marquis will have a 15 second video clip of CFA breeds and logos running consistently in a 15 minute loop through October 16. The New York Times will have multiple large ads this week.

CFA was present at the Ringing of Bell at NYSE last week.  Appearances on several TV Shows have been lined up for the week after the show.  New for this year are the Trained Cats that will be at the show.  The show budget is being closely managed to reduce expenses from previous shows.  Financials will be presented to Board as soon as possible after show.  CFA has not committed to the show for 2008 until full show financials can be reviewed.



The Game Show Network will be filming parts of the show this year.  Some changes will be made to the judging and presentation rings to accommodate them.  However the scoring will not change.

Dee Dee Cantley will be giving brief presentations throughout the show on CFA history.  On display will be the Special silk Chinese scroll presented to CFA for our 100th Anniversary.

The International Show will be held in San Mateo, CA again in 2007.


Judging Program:  Rachel Anger. 

The following Judges were advanced:

Makoto Murofushi – Trainee LH 

Vicki Abelson – AP-SH, APP-AB 

Carolyn Lyons – AP-LH, APP-AB 

Carla Bizzell – AP-AB

Richard Hoskinson – AP-AB



Susan Johnson resigned as SH Judge


Protest committee: George Eigenhauser. 

Suspension Guideline Update:

Motion was made that if a cattery is suspended because it does not fulfill cattery inspection on time to impose the following late fee before suspended services can be re-instated:  After deadline $100, after 61 days it goes to $200, and after 4 months it goes to the Board for review – Passed.


Legislative:  Joan Miller. 

Legislative Committee has successfully stalled or defeated most legislative issues. This action gives us time to make stronger preparations to defeat legislative actions.


Getting Santorum and Durbin out of office will help keep PAWS out of the legislature.

HSUS budget is now $150M with about $90M for legislative with 10M constituents.

CFA has played a major role in opposition to PAWS.

Local Level legislation is hitting us hard with mandatory spay – neuter programs and mandatory microchip programs.

Motion that CFA supports non-surgical sterilization – Passed

Pet Night on Capital Hill

Many legislators were rushed due to night vote. However the follow up meeting the next day was very productive and the CFA toys were major hit.


Business Development: Kitty Angell. 

4-Kids has been renamed 4-Sight

CFA Products will be launched in Petco, PetSmart, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kroger, Zellers, Plan-O-Gram, Cherrybrook & Northpoint Trading Company, Central Garden & Pet, Concord Pet, and Ocean State through the fall months. 4-Sight has sent toys and teasers to Central Office for our judges and they are being sent out this month.  There are several additional product licenses in the works.


Bio-Arts Research will no longer be the lab for CFA CatBank.

New Lab is DNA Veterinarian Diagnostic Lab (Fairfield, Ohio).  Also know as DDC.  DDC will design, host, and maintain CatBank’s website on their server.

CFA Pet Healthcare

Now allows registration of kittens in the trial plan without requiring an individual registration number.

Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter

Elsey’s will be supporting CFA with distribution of products and coupons at selected shows.  They will be using the CFA logo on packaging for their new litter campaign.

Pet Oxygen Mask Distribution to Fire Departments across the US

CFA has purchased 300 Surgivet’s Animal Oxygen Masks (valued at $50 per kit) which was funded by the Disaster Relief Fund and we are in the process of distribution to Fire Departments.

Board members will be working to setup PR opportunities with their local fire departments by donating masks.

Pet Checks

Breed checks are available on our website.  You can use stock cats or you can put your own cat on checks.

Commemorative CFA 100 Year Centennial Show Shelters

Sturdi will have Special commemorative CFA SturdiBag shelter and carriers available with a special gold 100 Year logo embroidered on each with only 100 of each made.  You can see these and other special items under CFA Special Opportunities on the CFA Website.

Windsor Vineyard – You can get your own label on a case, or a mixed case, of wine for $99.

New Development Committee member – Bob Johnston

He will be the contact for your club to request corporate sponsorship.


Show Rules:  Loretta Baugh

All but one of the proposed show rules failed at the Annual Meeting.  This was show rule 10.05d regarding master clerk fees.  Ratified by the board.

There were a couple of items proposed by the Show Rule Committee of the “House Keeping” nature and were passed by the board.  There were a couple of lengthy proposals for the International Division that passed regarding the Novice Class and Winners Ribbons.  Please let me know if you want the details about these.

Other changes that were passed by the board at the recommendation of the show rules committee:

1.18.c Housekeeping.  Had the wrong show rule listed. The AOV (Any Other Variety) CLASS … For a list of those breeds which have AOV classes, see 32.01

11.08.d Now allows for notification of the CO and the exhibitor that they are returned to “in good standing” via phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail.  Removed the requirement of “certified, return receipt mail”.

12.07.c Change to “Best of the Best ring may be added to any format show described above. Participation in the Best of the Best competition shall not be considered a violation of the provisions in Paragraphs 12.05, 12.07a, 12.07b.”  Removed the reference to Specialty rings only.

13.05.d House keeping. Remove the words “4 ring”. 

15.01.1 Regarding addendums.  “A fee of $50 per addendum will be charged to the club/entry clerk/show service and must be submitted with the show packet.”  Addendums have gotten out of hand.

17.04.d Insert new paragraph. Current (d) becomes (e) An entry clerk may not refuse an entry without just cause.  If an entry is improperly refused a protest may be filed against the entry clerk, the club, and any show official involved in the refusal.  In a protest for failure or refusal to accept an entry received on time (before closing date and before the show fills) the burden of proof shall be on the accused to show that the refusal is justified.

19.01 Housekeeping change. Separates out a second section as 19.02 and renumbers.


Animal Welfare:  Linda Berg (report by Kay Janosik)

Summer months have been quiet except for a few breeder surrenders.

Joan Miller recommended a change in focus of this committee to include a more proactive approach including breeder education and less breeder surrender


Purebred Rescue:  Linda Berg (report by Kay Janosik)

New Director is Linda Mercer and Leslie Falteisek was appointed as new treasurer. Purebred Rescue has been very busy this summary and is currently has very limited funds. Veterinarian, boarding, licensing, care, supplies, and transportation have consumed the majority of their funds.


Breeder Assistance Program:  Linda Berg (report by Kay Janosik)

Breeder Assistance Program guidelines are now published on the CFA website. This is purely a CFA program whose purpose is to intervene prior to a situation becoming an animal welfare situation.  Cats are to be left with owner if at all possible.  Regions were asked to provide volunteers and have provided contact points.  Betty Haden is currently the contact for the Gulf Shore Region but needs help as she is over loaded and needs to step down.  If you can help, please contact her for more information about the program.

The Midwest region established a food pantry to provide for folks who couldn’t feed their cats.  Food is available for situations in other regions with regions paying only for shipping.


Winn Foundation:  George Eigenhauser. 

Betsy Gaither joined the Winn board as Treasurer at the June meeting, and she has been working diligently to establish new procedures for handling Winn's business. She has completed a review of Winn's accounting procedures and our investments, and has made the changes necessary to serve as Winn's Treasurer. Betsy has purchased new accounting software for Winn that is being evaluated on a trial basis.

The Winn exhibit will be present at both the CFA-Iams Cat Championship show in October (with Betty White) and the CFA International Cat Show in November (with Betsy Gaither). Both Betsy and Betty are generously paying their own expenses to attend on Winn's behalf.


Winn board members have various projects and goals they continue to work on, such as developing guidelines for breed related projects (Hilary Helmrich), writing articles and newsletters (Betty White), estate planning (George Eigenhauser), and Winn's legal issues (Fred Jacobberger).


Finally, we are hard at work at developing a new website for the fall. The Veterinary Information Network generously donated server space and tech support. A totally new look is being designed, and Winn will have its own e-commerce capabilities for the first time. A press release will be issued once the new site is ready to go live.


IT / WEB Committee: Dick Kallmeyer. 

Web hits are up 28% over last year and our Web redesign is currently on hold.  Problems interfacing the On Line Registration into our database has caused yet another delay in this program.  They are working on it and hope the problems will be resolved soon.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Please check out the FANCE-E-MEWS and FOR KIDS…ABOUT CATS pages on our website.


Clerking Program: Regina Shaffer. 

New Japanese liaison – Yoshiki Moriya

11 Clerking Schools held May – August 2006

This year was the year for the biennial clerking test.  We had 309 clerks of various levels returning their tests, 23 Master Clerk Instructors (MCI), 107 Master Clerks (MC), 153 Certified Ring Clerks (RC), and 26 working towards their license.  Of the tests received and scored, 49 individuals (15.9%) scored 100% on the test!!  Our 100% folks include 7 MCI, 19 MC, 19 RC, and 4 working on their licenses.  74% of all clerks tested scored 95% and above; an additional 20% scored between 90-94%; only 3% of those tested scored between 85-89%.  The minimum passing score for RC is 85% and for MC & MCI is 90%.  Of those returning their tests, only 1MC and 3 RC did not pass the test at their required level.  Based on these facts, we can consider this another successful testing year!

The current number of licensed clerks decreased by 59 clerks (17% reduction).  Part of this reduction is due to:  (1) Clerks choosing to not renew their license, (2) Clerks returning their tests late.  While the overall effect is less clerks, we have added newly licensed clerks as well.  We had an actual increase of 18 clerks (8 in the ID) and an actual decrease of 66 clerks (10 of which are in the Judging Program).  During a testing/licensing year, it is common for the number of clerks to decrease dramatically as new licenses are renewed.  As folks begin to realize that they haven’t submitted their test or paid their dues, they will be added back into the Clerking Program.  Our current clerking status is 290 clerks at various levels (23 MCI, 108 MC, and 159 RC).

Junior Showmanship:  Kitty Angell

The program has enough funds to continue for about 1 year. No new sponsors have been located but we are continuing to hope new sponsors will take this on. Many clubs are not offering junior showmanship due to lack of participation.  In the Midwest Region most clubs no longer offer it because of this.


Awards and Honors:  Rachel Anger

There will be a new vendor for the Breed Awards.  The National Awards will be the same.


Feline Agility:  Kay Janosik

Carol Osborne is chair for CFA Feline Agility Competition.  Wayne Mull is chair for CFA Agility Course Design.

21 Shows scheduled so far this season with 29 CRMs (Certified Ringmasters).

Expense to the clubs have been a problem so the committee has designed a PR package that clubs can use to help promote gate using feline agility as draw.

They are looking into a Junior Handler competition, which Kitty suggested would also be a candidate for other CFA youth programs. National scoring and guidelines have been established but are not 100% rolled out at this time. Clubs and regional directors are requested to promote agility.  New course recommendations include multiple levels of competition, new obstacles, and new standards recommendations.

Motion to affirm the progress, direction, and importance of the program to CFA. Passed.



Ethics:  Peg Johnson

Add affirmation to Board Code of Ethics upon seating of Board after each annual meeting.

Judges will affirm their adherence to Judges Code of Ethics by payment of judging fees and re-licensing per new judges rules.  Next steps include working on employee and exhibitor code of ethics.


Marketing Statistics:  Peg Johnson

They are still working on Club Analysis Reporting to identify locations of all clubs and shows.  Peg Johnson and Jay Lehman are helping with this project.  Research on mapping software to help provide visual reports on CFA club locations and show locations was approved. The next projects include mapping club and show locations, building a club member data base, and analyze show information to better understand CFA’s footprint and constituencies. All databases are for internal use of the CFA Board only and will not be sold.


Publications:  Donna Brawner.  (Report by Kitty Angell)

Kelly Jones has been added to the publications staff.

Regarding the 2007 Yearbook for show season ending in 2006, the plan is to deliver it a lot earlier next year. 

They are reviewing new options for the yearbook for the show season ending 2008. This will be a book with more public appeal and published in same year of the show season covered.  It will include articles of interest to both cat fanciers and the public.

Almanac Discussion   

They are looking into additional publication options.  Recommendation: Sending emails when new online Almanac available.  We will review the financials for potential publication options at next board meeting.

No change in almanac publications at this time.


CFA Foundation:  Stan Barnaby

The committee was reorganized at the 2006 Annual in Reno.

Hilary Helmrich and Karen Lawrence visited Central Office in August and have nearly completed a physical inventory of the remaining items contained therein.

A scroll was donated to CFA in honor of its 100-year history, which was presented to Darrell Newkirk and David Mare by the Hong Kong Cat Lovers’ Society at their recent show in Hong Kong.  Arrangements to display the scroll at the CFA International are being made by the International Show Committee.  Plans for a traveling museum to display Foundation items are being developed. 


Management Committee; James Watson. 

The Executive Director job description was turned over to Personnel Committee but was not acted upon now by the Personnel Committee.  Allene has assumed the position of Director.

The Board will be working with Allene to identify any additional training she or others at the Central Office might need. The Management Committee is continuing to work on additional committee job descriptions.

Move to updated Board Guidebook to reflect $30 per day expense for meals with exception of Annual Banquet – Passed


Mentor Program:  Mary Sietsema 

“At the CFA 2006 Annual Pat Jacobberger stepped down as the Chair of the CFA Mentor Program and I was appointed the new Chair at the Sunday, June 18, 2006 Board Meeting.  On August 13th, 2006 Mandi Wooldridge resigned from her position as Mentor/Protégé Coordinator from the CFA Mentor Program.  I am handling the position until the Mentor Core Committee finds a suitable replacement. The CFA Mentor Core Committee will have their annual Planning Retreat in Ontario, CA on September 29th – October 1st. 2006.”

We will be addressing the report and request to the Hartz Mountain Corporation for funding from June 2007-June 2010.  Pat Jacobberger has agreed to present the Mentor Program funding request to Hartz Mountain Corporation and a full report will be given to Roeann Fulkerson.


Ambassador Program: Willa Hawke  (report given by Liz Watson)

New Team Leader – Jodell Raymond

There has been much interest into expanding this program into the International Division.

“Ambassadors are the face of CFA and the embodiment of all that is good and noble of our great fancy.  Ambassadors are the role models whose actions, attitudes, and kindness’ are to be emulated and praised.  Whether in the show hall, at a disaster site, in nursing homes, before legislative forums, or in our schools, the impressions left by Ambassadors are pivotal images that assist people in deciding whether the cat fancy is something that they, too, would enjoy and support”.  Willa Hawke.


CFA Outreach and Education:  Joan Miller

The goal is to reach out and involve a greater public audience so that they will look to CFA as their primary information resource on cats.  We are looking for committee members experienced in adult education.

We will establish a trained committee who can speak to both general public and more specific audiences.


Centennial Committee:  Liz Watson.

The Centennial Celebration was very successful but it needed to pay for it’s self.  An entry fee was recommended but investigation by the committee revealed that people were unwilling to pay even a modest sum.  Thus the Challenge was scrapped.

Sturdi Products will be offering specially designed Commemorative CFA 100 Year Centennial Show Shelters and Sturdi Bag Carriers.  Look for them soon through CFA and Sturdi Products.



Clubs need to get in their Activity Reports.  Please do this, as it is very important to several committees.  The information is used to provide information to various organizations and committees.  You can do this on line at   http://www.cfa.org/exhibitors/club-activity-report.html.


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I hope that if you have questions or comments that you will not hesitate to ask me.  


Thank you for your support. 

Respectfully submitted,

James Watson

CFA Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Management Team, Chair