Feburary 2006
James Watson, Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Region 3


Region 3 News:



The Regional Awards Show and Awards Banquet will be in Tulsa, OK this year at the Doubletree. 616 W. Seventh StreetTulsaOklahoma 74127-8983.  Phone: 918-587-8000      Be sure to get your entries in early and make your reservations for the Awards Dinner Saturday night.

Look for Show Flyers and Star information at your next show.  It will be posted to the list as soon as a flyer is online.


Gulf Shore Officers and Committee Chairs

GSR Director - James Watson

GSR Secretary - Trudie Allen

GSR Treasurer - Betsy Gaither

GSR Finance Committee - Chair Betsy Gaither, Bill Coombes, Chris Willingham, Jimmie Hawley

GSR Legislative News - Lynette Clooney

GSR Webmaster – George Snell

GSR Regional Shows Committee - Chair James Watson

GSR Fund Raising Committee - Chair Grace Guidry

GSR Clerking Committee - Chair  Dick Cullen

GSR Grievance Committee - Chair Michael Barber ,  Terry Brown, Gene Wright

GSR 2007 Annual Chair - James Watson

GSR Historical Committee - Chair-Terry Brown,

GSR Pure Breed Rescue - Chair- Betty Haden.

GSR Junior Showmanship Committee - Chair-Cheryl Peck, Grace Guidry, Brenda Moore


If you are interested in any of the above committees, contact the Chair to see how you can help.





As it stands this week, the following have agreed to Chair the respective committees.


2007 Annual Chair                                         James Watson

Entertainment and Hospitality nights           Paul & Toni Huff

Delegate Services                                          Marsha Ammons      

Banquet Decorations                                     Betsy Gaither & Betty White

Publicity                                                          Karen Crooke

Special Projects                                              Lonnie & Gloria Hoover

Delegate Bag contents                                  Karen Godwin

Vendors                                                          Peggy Schulman        


Once again, if you want to help, check with the committee chair and volunteer your services.  This is a preliminary list and will expand as the Annual approaches.  And it will approach much sooner than you think.  Clubs, start thinking about what you are going to donate to the Delegate Bags.  You can contact Karen Godwin for ideas and suggestions of where to look for “goodies”.



Fundraisers for the Gulf Shore Region:

We need to be in the “money mode” until the 2007 Annual in Austin.  Any ideas for a fundraiser will be appreciated.  I have not asked the clubs to do more, as most are not making money as it is.  Any little bit will help.  Look for an announcement next week regarding a raffle for a $1,000 gift certificate to Circuit City.  I am working on the details now and will post the information next week.


Election year:

This year we will be electing CFA Officers and Regional Directors.  Please look for deadlines regarding these events.  I will be posting notices as I receive them from Central Office.


Do we need a new Gulf Shore Logo.  Ideas?  Keep the one we have?  Lets have some input and see if we can come up with something that really reflects the GSR spirit.  Go look at the other regional websites for ideas.



The 2006 CFA Board Meeting and Annual Meeting will be held at the Reno Hilton, Reno, NV on June 14-18, 2006.

Reno Hilton

2500 East Second Street

Reno NV 89595


Reservation deadline is May 16, 2006.  Rate is $115 for the “Cat Fanciers’ Assn.” Block.

Updates will be made as additional info becomes available. See:




REMINDER - Don't miss out on the Gulf Shore Regional Annual Grand Parade


Gulf Shore Regional “Grand Parade” information:

Dennis Allen has offered to do the "Grand Parade" at the Regional Awards Banquet this year.  It will make his job much easier if you will send those photos as soon as your cat grands during the season!

I am asking everyone to start sending Dennis their photos as soon as your cat has granded.  This will help spread out the photo collection process a little and give him a chance to stay on top of assembling the show.

Your photos can be sent via snail mail and he will scan them and send them back.  Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for returning your photos.  Please write the full registered name of the cat on the back of the photo, including the title.  See his address below.  You can also send the photos that you have scanned by email.  These need to be scanned a resolution of at least 300 dpi x 4in x 6in.  Dennis will size them for the slide show after he gets them.  You can send photos right from the camera.  They will come out of the camera at 72 dpi x 17in x 13in  if you use at least 1200 dpi resolution on your camera.  Again, they will be sized for the slide show after he gets them.  Any photos that are sent by email need to have the cats name as the file name.

Dennis will be at various shows this year and will notify the list of the shows that he will be at so you can bring your photos to the show and have him scan them while you are showing kitties. 
Email Grand Photos to:

Snail mail to:
Dennis Allen
1134 Lin Mar Dr.
Fort Collins, CO  80521-1210
If you have questions call 970.472.4272

***Regional Awards, Breed Awards, Color Awards and DMs need to start sending photos in also.  Send these photos to James Watson at jwatson@tcworks.net as soon as possible.  The above rules apply to these photos also.  Be sure to send them in .jpg format and name the file the name of the cat.  You can mail pictures and I will scan them and IF you send a self addressed, stamped envelope, I will return your photo.  Send to:

James Watson

29 Hilton Dr.

Conway, AR  72034-9607

Phone: 501-327-8204

CFA News:


Unofficial Notes from the Feburary Board Meeting in Houston, TX.


The February board meeting is the "Breeds and Standards" meeting.  This is where the Board reviews the Breed Council Ballot results and requests for advancement or acceptance of new breeds and or color classes to CFA.  We
also conduct the normal amount of Board business and committee reports.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Kathy Calhoun, Chair

Report based on May 1, 2005 through December 31, 2005.

Bottom line is that we are currently under budget by about $13,000.  We have four months to recover.  For better news, see the Business Development Committee report.


NEW CLUB APPLICATIONS:  Jo Ann Cummings, Chair

Monticello Cat Club  Region 7  Deferred Until June

Ruban D’or Chat Fanciers  Japan – Region 8 - Accepted

Cat Fanciers’ Society of IndonesiaIndonesia – International Division (Asia/Latin America) - Accepted

Grand Spanish Feline Club – Spain – International Division (European) – Accepted



107 clubs completed this year’s Club Activity Report.  These are extremely important to the Legislative Group and need to be filled out.  I will remind the clubs again next year when they are due.



First one day show held in Europe by Dutchpurr Puss club.

First Asia/Latin America International Division meeting held.

Shanghai Cat Love Club held their first show with 160 entries.

First CFA Cat show held in Slovenia with Junior Showmanship and a Clerking school.

A lot of activity in China including 2 clerking schools, a CFA Breeder Seminar with 60 participants, and 5 shows with 100 – 371 entries.


CFA IAMS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW:  Allen Scruggs, Chair (Pam DelaBar reporting)

The 2005 show lost approx. $69,000.  However, the publicity value of show is estimated to be $1,305,124 reaching over 177 million people.

Income from new CFA programs resulting from this show should offset show cost.

The 2006 Show will include additional recognition and income from NY Mayor and Wall Street.

There was a lot of discussion regarding the 2006 show.  It was decided to go forward with the show as a lot of promotion has already been set in motion.  CFA will “ring the bell” to open the stock market the week prior to the show.  Additional funding has been secured for the show. See next report.



28 New Companies were added to the CFA list of Corporate Sponsors.  This was due to the hard work of our new Director of Corporate Marketing and Public Relations, Roeann Fulkerson.  Roeann is now an employee of CFA and will continue her aggressive search for new revenue for CFA. 


JUDGING PROGRAM:  Rachel Anger, Chair

The following judges were advanced;

   Dee Dee Cantley – SH Trainee – 1st Specialty

   Barbara Jaeger – SH Trainee – 2nd Specialty

   Peter Vanwonterghem – SH Apprentice – 2nd Specialty

     Carolyn Lyons – LH Approval Pending – 2nd Specialty

     Holly Ayers – Approval Pending Allbreed

     Aki Tamura – Approval Pending Allbreed

     Yoshiko Sada – Approved Allbreed

The Judging Program will be restructured with Rachel Anger as Committee Chair.

Breeds and Standards:



American Bobtail, Siberian and Ragdolls were presented Saturday evening.  They were very well presented and each breed had lots of information for us.  The breeders were very knowledgeable regarding their breed and left no question unanswered.  They are to be commended for all the setup for a “one hour show”.


The American Bobtail requested advancement from Provisional to Championship.  Passed.

The Siberian requested advancement from Provisional to Championship.  Passed.

The Ragdoll request for AOV Class.  To show other color patterns not previously allowed. Passed.

Breed Council/Committee Poll review:

Questionnaires that were received which received a 60% or greater YES vote by the members of the Breed Council are reviewed for ratification by the board.  Some are simple and some are very complex.  Each is considered based on content, intent and if it is compliant with the current rules.  If a number is not mentioned, it was not passed by the breed council and no action was required by the Board.

American Bobtail  (all received yes votes by the Breed Committee)

1.        Set forth the AB breed and color pattern descriptions. 

Failed because many of the colors requested are not possible or wrong description. Returned for clarification.

2.        Divide the AB into LH and SH color classes due to the unique differences in coat type. 

Failed-out of order.  LH/SH is not a color class.  It’s a division.

3.        Divide the AB into two divisions LH and SH. 


4.        Add the AOV class.  In order to show AB’s with incorrect tail length.


American Curl  (only 1 and 3 passed by 60%, 2 was a tie, the others favorable)

1.        Added the word ‘back’.  “uniquely curled back ears”.


3.   Added the word ‘elegant’ to further define the overall impression of the cat.


Balinese  (11 yes to 0 no)

1.        Permit registration via 3 generation certified pedigrees of 128# series Balinese.


Birman  (48 yes to 23 no)

1.        Add separate color class for the Seal Lynx and Blue Lynx Point colors.  The remaining Lynx colors will fall into All Other Lynx Point Colors.


Devon Rex  (19 yes, 0 no)

1.        Change color descriptions to delete references to “cinnamon-cream”, eliminate the word “cream” and add chocolate and chocolate van calico.


Egyptian Mau  (18 yes, 5 no)

1.        Do you accept the following import policy for importing EMs from accepted countries?  This is long, so if want to read it, check with a EM breeder.


European Burmese  (1 & 2 passed with 60%)

1.        Added “on reds and creams.” To the end of the Penalize section.


2.        Change point allocation regarding eye shape and eye color.


Exotic (1 through 9 passed by 60%)

1.        Remove all designations for the “van” pattern.


2.        Replace the current wording for Calico with more specific description.


3.        Replace the current wording for “color” and “white” with more specific description.


4.        Define ‘balance and refinement’.

Failed.  Redundant wording.

5.        Define skull structure and that it needs to be felt to be properly evaluated.


6.        Add to the description of the muzzle.


7.        Remove the color description for the Peke-faced Red and Red Tabby color description from the Exotic standard.  Problem with the definition of “dome”.


8.        Clarify the Blue Point color description.


9.        Change the Blue Cream Point to confirm with the Blue Point change.


Japanese Bobtail (16 yes, 3 no)

1.        Change/combine color classes. 


Javanese  (13 yes, 0 no)

1.        Permit registration via 3 generation certified pedigrees of 4000 series Javanese from foreign registries.


Korat  (7 yes, 2 no)

1.        Clarify the eye colors, kitten vs adults.


Maine Coon (1-3 passed by 60%)

1, 2 & 3 corrected color descriptions from last ballot.


Manx  (1,2,3,5 passed by 60%)

1.        Add color descriptions for Tortoishell & White and Blue-Cream & White to the Manx standard.


2.        Change the Calico Color Class to include the Tortoishell & White and Blue-Cream & White and rename it to Calico/Tortoishell & White.  Change the Color Class numbers.


3.        Add color descriptions for the Blue Silver Tabby and Blue Silver Patched Tabby to the standard. 


              5.    Correct the eye color description for the OMC class.


Oriental  (1,2 &3 all passed by 60%)

                1, 2 & 3 are all “housekeeping” to clarify color description intent. 


Persian – General  (103 yes, 41 no)

1.        Change from 5 to 8 generation certified pedigree from another registering association.

Failed.  (Note: board vote was 8 yes, 11 no.)

Persian – Himalayan Div.  (45 yes, 5 no)

1.        Remove the Tortie Lynx Point and Blue-Cream Lynx Point from the “other Lynx Points” color class and give each it’s own class.


Ragamuffin  (2 & 3 passed by 60%)

             2.    Added “Short hair on body and/or tail, giving the impression of a short haired cat” is disqualified. 


             3.    Change registration requirements from 3 to 5 generation certified pedigree.


Ragdoll  (2 & 3 passed by 60%)

2.        Change the description of the head. 

Failed.  Did not make the change in other parts of the standard.  Need to resubmit.

3.        Request for AOV Class.  To show other color patterns not previously allowed.


Selkirk Rex  (1 & 3 passed by 60%)

1.        Change Patched Tabby Pattern description. 

Failed.  Failed because additional colors were added as a “housekeeping change.”

              3.   Change eye color description to allow any genetically possible eye color   because the cat comes in any genetically     possible color. 



Siamese  (75 yes, 21 no)

1.        Vote to end the registration of Albino Siamese.


Siberian  (1 & 2 passed by 60%)

                1 & 2 covered changes in color/pattern to better define the allowable colors.

                Passed.  (this was 4 pages of color descriptions and patterns.)

Singapura  (8 yes, 1 no)

1.        Added wording to help clarify the description of the Singapura.

Failed.  The word ‘comparison’ should have been “proportion”.  Returned for revision.

Sphynx  (1-7 passed by 60%)

1.        Change in description of Head. 

Failed.  Needs rewording and need to change General Description to match.

2.        Change in description of Muzzle and Chin.

Failed.   See #1.

3.        Removed reference to measurement of hair length and added “hairless appearance”.


4.        Housekeeping, revised color description.


5.        Corrected color description.


6.        Added color descriptions.


7.        More color corrections.


Turkish Angora  (1,2 & 3 passed by 60%)

1.        Add eye color description to color class description.


2.        Word changes in the Penalize section describing color faults that change with age.

Failed.  This needs to be in the General Description section.

3.        Rearrange some color class locations in the standard and add the shaded color descriptions.


Turkish Van (16 yes, 6 no)

1.        Delete the AOV Color Class.




The Management Committee has completed the CFA Board Members' Guidebook including job descriptions and was passed by the board.




Change the early bird registration from 3 months to 4 months.

Change the breeding indicators back to not for breeding.  You will need to check “not for breeding” if that it your intention.

Next major project – Online Registration. 


CLERKING COMMITTEE:   Regina Shaffer, Chair

Held an Entry Clerking school at the International Show.

Clerking tests will be distributed in April 2006

Both an entry clerking and clerking school will be planned for 2006 International Show




INTERNATIONAL SHOW:   Debbie Kusy, Chair

Show loss was $10,000 mostly due to “decorating charges”.  This was hanging banners, etc.

Committee has revised their 2006 plan to prevent these losses.

The 2006 and 2007 show location will be San Mateo, CA.

Publicity value of this show included USA Today article and promotion on several San Francisco TV and radio programs.



Publications financial position continues to improve with an overall net loss of $9,000 versus $28,000 last year.  This committee is VERY ENERGETIC with a lot of ideas on how to continue to move publications into the black.  A sample of the proposed Year Book/Coffee Table book was presented.  This was packaged with a collectable “cat doll” attached, with the intent of it being a Christmas present combination of the book and doll.  A very professional presentation.  This committee expects the Year Book to be delivered by November 1st.  Talk about ambition.  Donna has the drive to get it done.  The board approved all her recommendations and approved the committee to move forward with the program.



PAWS continues to be in forefront of much of CFA legislative activity.

This committee continues to partner with many national, veterinarian, and legislative groups to stay on top of ongoing legislative issues.

Watch the CFA website for updates.


IT COMMITTEE:  Dick Kallmeyer, Chair

The CFA website attracted over 1 million first time visitors in the October – December months.

Page loads were up to 6.2 million, which is 18% higher than the same time period last year.

The website has been updated with our 100 year logo and new color scheme.


ETHICS COMMITTEE:  Peg Johnson, Chair

CFA Board of Directors Code of Ethics and CFA Judges Code of Ethics were approved.

The current Breeder Code of Ethics will be included with each litter registration beginning in near future.

All Code of Ethics will be published on the CFA website prior to the June Board meeting.  The Board Members’ Code of Ethics will be included in the Board Members' Guidebook.


NATIONAL SCHEDULING COMMITTEE:  Gina Lehman Chair, (Peg Johnson reporting)

Board approved a national definition for Traditional Dates (WEEKEND).

Board approved a procedure for licensing a onetime show.



Over 300 cats have been enrolled in the CFA Centennial Challenge.

CFA Centennial jewelry is available on the web site.

Special centennial ring signs will be available for the 2006-2007 show season.


2006 ANNUAL IN RENO, NV    Dick Kallmeyer, Chair

Reno Hilton is getting ready for us. Party planning is in progress. Make your reservations early.

Hotel Info:

Reno Hilton

2500 East Second Street

Reno NV 89595


Reservation deadline is May 16, 2006.  Rate is $115 for the “Cat Fanciers’ Assn.” Block.













DISASTER PROGRAM GOES REGIONAL.   Pam DelaBar suggested that each region set up a list of equipment and facilities that can be used in the event of a disaster.  This would include spare rooms or even a garage that can be used by evacuees.  Those with generators that can be loaned would be appreciated.  If you are interested in gathering this information, please let me know.  This will develop over the years but just a list of small boats, campers, motor homes, spare cages, etc. will go a long way to helping those in need.


Clubs need to get in their Activity Reports.  Please do this, as it is very important to several committees.  The information is used to provide information to various organizations and committees.  You can do this on line at   http://www.cfa.org/exhibitors/club-activity-report.html.


The CFA On Line Breeder Referral list is on line.

$44.95 per year for 1-5 breeds with up to 4 pictures, $9.95 for additional breeds.

And it will include a text box for general info.  Breed Council Members will get a $10.00 discount.

To sign up for this service, go to http://secure.cfa.org.  and create a User Account.  (Online Almanac subscribers already have a User account).  Once logged in, click on Purchase Cat Breeder Listing Service.  You will be asked to supply the litter number of a CFA litter registered within the past 2 years.