February, 2007
James Watson, Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Region 3



Region 3 News:






There is now a link on the GSR Website http://www.cfagulfshore.org/ that will give you information on the items already selected for the Annual delegate bag and ideas of what your club might want to contribute. In order to make some attempt to keep the contents "in the bag" from the rest of the country, George has put a small Junior Showmanship logo at the bottom left of the GSR home page. You can click on the logo and it will take you to the delegate bag information page. Karen Godwin has been working on this and has lots of good suggestions and a list of past delegate bag contents. Please let her know what you are going to contribute so she can keep the page update.


More on the CFA Annual in Austin, TX.

This is a partial list of people to contact if you would like to help on their committee:

Karen Godwin - Delegate Bag Items.  She can tell you what’s already in the bags and where to find ideas for items your club might want to contribute.  She will also need help “stuffing the bags” on Wednesday and Thursday.

Marsha Ammons and Carla Bizzell – Delegate services / registration.  They will be helping Central Office get each delegate registered and hand out delegate bags.

John Chapman – Master of Ceremonies at the banquet Saturday night.  He will need readers to announce some of the awards.

Donna Day – She will be benching the banquet.  Matching up everyone that wants to set together.

Betsy Gaither, Chris Willingham, Sheila Haskins, Betty White, and Paula Watson -  Decorations - They will be setting up the banquet room and will need some help Saturday afternoon.

Lonnie and Gloria Hoover - Hospitality on Wednesday night –  They will need some help rounding up items to snack on.

Peggy Shulman - Vendors and Delegate Book.  She will coordinate location of the Vendors and take advertising for the delegate book.  You need to get your show flyers to her for the book.  No it’s not free, but really cheap for national exposure for your show.

Betty Haden, Toni & Paul Huff – Things to do around Austin.  They will have a list of sight seeing, restaurants and clubs in the area.

Karen Crooke – Promotion.  She will be hitting the CFA and GSR list with information soon.  Look for it.

Cheryl Coleman – Will be doing ‘On The Road Again’ again.






Schedule of events:

The CFA Board Meeting and Annual Meeting will be held at the Hilton Austin, Austin, Texas on June 27 - July 1, 2007.

Wed Jun 27 - Hospitality Suite

Thurs Jun 28 - CFA Executive Board Meeting

Thurs Jun 28 - Delegate registration (afternoon)

Thurs Jun 28 - Hospitality Thursday

Fri Jun 29 - CFA Annual Meeting

Fri Jun 29 - Hospitality Friday evening with DJ

Sat Jun 30 - CFA Executive Board and Breed Council Secretary Meeting

Sat June 30 - Annual Awards Banquet

Sat Jun 30 - Celebration Party with DJ

Sun Jul 1 - CFA Executive Board Meeting






This year the event is being hosted by the Bougalie Rebels Cat Club and is being held in Mandeville, LA at the Castine Center at Pelican Park.  Show is June 2nd and 3rd.  The banquet is Saturday night June 2nd.


The Committee Chairs are:

In Charge of Everything                     Lynne Schreiner

Treasurer                                               Betsy Gaither

Dinner Tickets/Caterer                        Betsy Gaither & Chris Willingham

Awards Rosettes                                 Donna Hinton

Awards Book                                        James Watson

Parade of Grands                                  Sandi Defoe

On The Road Again                            Sue Riley & Mark Henrichs

Regional Awards Program                  James Watson

Awards Plaques                                   Jan Rogers

Decorations                                          Sheila Haskins, Charlene Bennett, Karen Rogers

Master of Ceremonies                         John Chapman     

Banquet Benching                               Sheryl Zink

Photographer                                        Larry Johnson

Facility Coordinator                             Lynne Schreiner



Don't forget any "On the Road" pictures you'd like to submit. We would like to use pictures of as many different people/cats as we can manage. Especially if you think you are coming to the regional awards dinner....send us a picture
for the show! Please get us by email, FTP (see below) or hard copy any pictures you'd like to see used in On the Road!!! If you email, them make them as high resolution as practical and send them to me or Mark at:
We need to receive these pictures as you get them and have time to send them. The drop dead date is the middle of May but hopefully we will have the majority before then.    Sue Riley


Sandi Defoe offered to do the Grand Parade this year.
She will be taking grand photos on line at sdefoe@houston.rr.com  and I will be scanning photos at any show I attend from now until a couple of weeks before the awards banquet. Be sure the photo has the cats full name attached. You can also send Grand Photos, Regional Winner, DM and Color/Breed pictures to me at jwatson@tcworks.net and we will be sure they get where they need to be. We will not grab photos from your website as the resolution is not good enough to be projected on the "big screen".
Also, Jan Rogers birjanji@our-town.com will be doing our Awards Plaques again this year. Her program works best from actual photos or high-resolution digital photos. If you have a Regional Winner (Championship, Kitten and Premiership) or DM, she will need your photo also. If you are sending a digital photo to either of us for a RW or DM, please CC: the other person so we will both have the same photos.









Gulf Shore Officers and Committee Chairs

GSR Director - James Watson

GSR Secretary - Trudie Allen

GSR Treasurer - Betsy Gaither

GSR Finance Committee - Chair Betsy Gaither, Bill Coombes, Chris Willingham, Jimmie Hawley

GSR Legislative News – Karen Crooke, Lynette Clooney

GSR Webmaster – George Snell

GSR Regional Shows Committee - James Watson, Chair

GSR Clerking Committee - Marsha Ammons, Chair

GSR 2007 Annual Chair - James Watson

GSR Historical Committee - Betty Haden, Chair

GSR Pure Breed Rescue - Betty Haden, Chair

GSR Junior Showmanship Committee - Chair-Cheryl Peck, Grace Guidry, Brenda Moore


If you are interested in any of the above committees, contact the Chair to see how you can help.








The following have agreed to Chair and help with the respective committees.


2007 Annual Chair                                         James Watson

Delegate Services                                          Marsha Ammons, Carla Bizzell

Annual Treasurer                                           Betsy Gaither

Banquet Decorations                                     Betsy Gaither, Betty White, Chris Willingham, Sheila Haskins, Paula Watson

Publicity                                                          Karen Crooke

Special Projects                                              Lonnie & Gloria Hoover

Delegate Bags                                                           Karen Godwin

Vendors                                                          Peggy Shulman

“Things to do in Austin                                Betty Haden, Paul & Toni Huff

Announcer/MC                                              John Chapman


Once again, if you want to help, check with the committee chair and volunteer your services.  This is a preliminary list and will expand as the Annual approaches.  And it will approach much sooner than you think.  Clubs, start thinking about what you are going to donate to the Delegate Bags.  You can contact Karen Godwin for ideas and suggestions of where to look for “goodies”.









CFA News:


February 2007 CFA Board Meeting unofficial notes.


The International Show lost a lot of money last year.  We were locked into the same location for 2007.  All things being considered, the board elected to cancel the 2007 International Show in CA and move on to the 2008 show in Atlanta.  The judges that were selected for 2007 will be used in 2008.  We were able to cancel the show hall without penalty, so that was a good thing.  The cost of everything in CA was just going up and up, the spectator count was down and the entry was down by 100 cats.  Some advertising commitments did not come through so it was the right thing to do.


Long Hair Exotics.  The breed council voted to register LHE as such but wanted to show them at Persians.  One of the major arguments for this move was to allow the LHE to be titled as show cats.  The board felt there would be a better way.  The best way to do this is to setup a LH / SH division of the Exotics.  This was not presented to the board as an option, so the proposal was voted down.  By having a LH division for the Exotics, they could be shown, titled and receive the recognition they want.  Maybe next year.


The CFA-IAMS Cat Championship Cat Show broke even this year.  However, everything came off without problems.  This makes it a little scary to commit that much time and effort to put the show on and hope everything works exactly right this time.  To take the pressure off CFA’s financial commitment, it was agreed that if a sponsor will guarantee a certain amount, we would go on with the show.  The deadline is April 1 for that agreement to be in place.


The Bali/Javi/Oriental proposals were voted down as it was presented to the board.  The apparent mission was to merge these breeds without actually doing so.  If the breeds were going to be cross bred and kittens from a singe litter registered as different breeds, then they just need to merge the breeds and have divisions for hair length and color class.


Now back to the normal report.  The Feb meeting is primarily about breeds and standards.  FYI, the RagaMuffin the only current MISC breed.  The LaPerm is the only current PROV breed.  There were no new breed applications.  There were no breed advancements.

It is too long a report to give each breed results.  If you are a member of your breed council, you should get an update there.  If you have any specific questions, please ask.  .  Most dealt with color class changes and clarifications.  These are a few examples:


The Manx proposal failed as they were asking for a color description change but did not provide the required documentation.

The Ocicat proposal failed its request for a color class split due to lack of numbers shown.


New dates for Breed Council membership and voting;

8/1 – BC Membership application deadline

8/1 – New/Advancing Breed Applications due

9/1 – Ballot items due to CO

10/25 – Ballots mailed from CO to BC members

12/15 – Ballots returned to CO deadline



Judges Advancement and application

Accepted as trainee;

Lorraine Rivard – SH

Michie Shinmoto – LH

Advanced to Apprentice;

Dee Dee Cantley – SH

Barbara Jaeger – SH

Sharon Powell – SH

Advanced to Approval Pending;

Peter Vanwonterghem – SH


We are sad to report, since our last meeting, the deaths of Judges Boris Teron, Ray Pinder and Australia judge Lionel Farminer.


Resigning from the judging program after 35 years of service is Ricky Carroll.  Also resigning was Tokuko (AKA Suzie) Yamazaki from Japan.


The Business Development Committee:  Kitty Angell, Chair

Kitty reported good sales of the CFA branded toys.  They are now (or soon will be) in the following stores:  PetCo, PetSmart, Zellers, Wal-Mart did a test market and liked the product, also there are several small outlets around the NY, NJ area that might lead to larger distribution.

A new group will be doing the work for CatBank.  A company called DDC will take over operations as soon as the contract is ratified.  They did a presentation for the board and this looks like a superior operation.  We just received a royalty check from our CFA Pet Healthcare program.  A positive program for CFA.


Treasurers’ Report: Kathy Calhoun, CFA Treasurer

Total revenue generated from litter registration was down 9.5% when compared to the same period of time last year.  Total revenue from individual registration was down 10.6%.  Other categories which have experienced significant changes when compared to the same period last year (May through December of last year) include the following:

Cattery registration continues to decline and was currently 11.5% below last year

Breed council dues continue to increase.  Compared to last year the category was up 33.6%.


New Club Applications: Joan Cummings, Chair

All were approved except for Hotch Potch Cat Club due to lack of show dates in the region.

Turkish Angora Fanciers, International                           Region 6

Hotch Potch Cat Club         Region 1

Ocicat Trust Japan               Region 8

International Division:

Abyssinian Breed Club Europe – Switzerland

Borneo Cat Club – Malaysia

China Great Wall Cat Fanciers – China

Feline Society of BruneiBrunei Darussalam

Guangzhou Cat Fanciers Club – China

Hong Kong Shorthair Cat Club – Hong Kong

Persian & Exotic Cat Club – Hong Kong

Royal Club – Russia

Victory – Russia


New items on club applications: 

What are the club’s plans or objectives regarding the disbursement of funds raised?

Clubs should state their membership requirements.


International Division: Darrell Newkirk, Chair

The following shows were held with great success.

Shanghai Cat Love Show

Formosa Top Show Cat Club

China Cat Fanciers

Dutch Purrpuss show

GALA Cats Club – Moscow, Russia

CFA returns to France with the France Cat Fanciers

Hong Kong Cat Fancier’s club

China Cat Fanciers

Cat’s R Us, Klagenfurt, Austria

The CFA International Website has been updated by our webmasters Rob Loot and Henny Wintershoven.  The new facelift of our website looks marvelous.  I invite you all to take a look at our new website www.cfainternational.org.


Junior Showmanship: Emily Marshall Turner, Chair

We have CFA clubs, judges and individuals who continue to support the program and I thank them. But unless CFA as an organization decides to financially support this program on a continuing basis whether or not we have outside cooperate sponsorship the program will always be in peril.


Now for the good news, the Junior Showmanship program continues to grow in our overseas clubs. CFA clubs have sponsored Junior Showmanship at shows in Europe, Japan, China and Singapore. I have included with this report pictures from some of these competitions. Again, the Junior Showmanship Committee thanks all the clubs, judges and individuals who have made the expansion of this program around the world possible.


Breeders Assist Program: Linda Berg, Chair - Liaison to Board, Kay Janosik

The program is up and running.  They have assisted about 10 breeders so far.  The Gulf Shore Region’s new Chair of this committee is Sonya Coulson.  She will be assisted by Betty Haden and Dru Milligan.  The Midwest food pantry has been established and has food on hand for emergency assistance.  They are working on being incorporated and the details for being the center for the National Food Pantry.


CFA Purebred Rescue: Committee Chair:  Linda Pollack Mercer, M.D. - Liaison to the Board, Kay Janosik

Lots of changes are going on.  Stay tuned.  Approx. 1700 cats were rescued in 2007.


Management Committee: James Watson, Chair

The committee is still working on job descriptions for board committees and other committees.  The major work has been done and we are now completing various other committees.


Winn Feline Foundation:  Dr. Susan Little, Chair – George Eigenhauser, Liaison to the Board

In ongoing efforts to develop our own media relations program, we have created a Winn Feline Foundation News group. This will be used to distribute media releases to journalists. The first media release, announcing the award to Kim Campbell, was used to test our new service on December 13, 2006.   Betsy Gaither has been working non-stop since she joined our board in June 2006. She has established Winn’s own merchant account services. She has had the huge task of re-ordering Winn’s finances, including purchasing new accounting software, and converting our financial records from the database held at CO.

Betsy also headed the effort to interview candidates for a new accountant to perform auditing functions for Winn. A new firm has been hired and we are pleased that this will improve our ability to meet our requirements as a non-profit organization.


CFA Legislative Committee:  Joan Miller, Chair

In January the weekly charts of introduced State bills start coming in.  I have been reviewing summaries of approximately 50 to 55 bills each week and reading the full text of many.  I select about 10 to 15 each week for CFA tracking.  Joan Miller was selected the new President of The National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy.


Publications Committee:  Carol Krzanowski, Chair

Donna Brawner resigned as the committee Chair for personal reasons, but will remain on the committee.  The committee reported that there is no longer enough support for the printed Almanac and it is scheduled to be discontinued after the Oct/Nov 2007 issue that includes the Regional/National Winners.  Most of the content will be moved to the On Line Almanac.  The yearbook still has problems but they are working on getting it out earlier.


IT/WEB Committee:  Dick Kallmeyer, Chair

The CFA web site had 6.8 million page loads for October to December 2006, up 10% over a year ago.  There were 1.5 million unique visitors, with 87% of these first time visitors.  Revenue generated from web sales during this period was $71,683.  In 2006, total page loads were 25.5 million with 5.7 million unique visitors and 4.8 million first time visitors.  The CFA kids site received 484 thousand page loads, about 40,000 per month.  Over $275,000 was generated via web sales.  Note that this revenue includes Winn donations.  The Winn foundation is moving to their own web site.  This will generate a significant amount of  necessary work for changes to the CFA site (over 783 link references) and will impact current projects. 


CFA Foundation:  David Mare, Chair

Consideration has been given to the possibility of collecting pertinent archaic records and photos showing the development of all recognized breeds. I plan to contact each Breed Council Secretary to solicit their help in gathering these items. It might be possible to show some of these items with the respective BC booths at future CFA International Shows.  Like so many of these things, much of it is stored in boxes in people’s garages and getting people to go through these boxes has been a challenging task. I am hopeful that after the Holiday Season has ended we will have more cooperation in getting people to sort through these possible archives.


National Scheduling Committee:  Gina Lehman, Chair

The committee has been sharing show scheduling information as new shows are added to the regional calendars and existing shows are changed to different weekends.  By having the open communication via our email list, regional directors and schedulers are able to help their clubs schedule shows on weekends where they have the best chance for success in drawing entries.  We worked with Gwen at Central Office on 43 different show changes (date, location or licensing club) since the last board meeting.


Clerking Program:  Regina Shaffer, Chair

Clerks Status:  We currently have 309 clerks of various levels as of January 9, 2007, 23 Master Clerk Instructors (MCI), 116 Master Clerks (MC), 170 Certified Ring Clerks (RC).  This is an increase of 26 clerks (no change to MCI, 9 additional MCs, and 17 additional RCs).


Ambassador Committee:  Willa Hawke, Chair

We have adopted the following mission statement:  “The CFA Ambassador Program was developed to create an informed cadre of individuals throughout CFA who are committed to educating and reaching out to spectators at cat shows in the hopes of attracting new and active members of CFA who will become engaged participants in whatever facet of the fancy that they enjoy.”  We have begun using the mission statement in all of our correspondence. 

The CFA Ambassador Program is continuing its’ pattern of successful initiatives heading into 2007.  To date, we have signed up over 125 new Ambassadors, with 55% of our new Ambassadors coming from Ho*ng Kong and the International Divisions.    Enthusiasm for this program is evident with far reaching effects. 


Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I hope that if you have questions or comments that you will not hesitate to ask me.   There were some reports that were very difficult to condense into this format.  If you did not see a report that you have questions about, please ask.


Thank you for your support. 

Respectfully submitted,

James Watson

CFA Gulf Shore Regional Director

CFA Management Committee, Chair

Chair, 2007 CFA Annual in Austin, TX