Fall, 2003
Betty Haden, CFA Region 3 Director

Region 3 News:


In the past we have printed and mailed the newsletter to the Gulf Shore Region Clubs, in addition it has been posted on the Region 3 web site. We have decided to use a slightly new format on the website which will allow us to update the newsletter more often, and clubs can print it as needed for their scheduled club meetings. The intent is to provide more current information to the GSR clubs and their membership. It will also save the cost of printing and mailing a hard copy to each club. This will help more people have access to the information that is published in the newsletter in a timely manner.

We ask that each club secretary, or a designee in the club, print the news letter from the web site and pass it along to those members that don't have internet access. We would also suggest club officers notify their membership that the newsletter is now online. Also, some clubs have email groups where the information about the newsletter can be shared.


Congratulations to all of the Region 3 judges that have been advanced and accepted into their new specialty. A round of applause for Masha Ammons, Carla Bizzell, Kathy Black, Jeff Janzen, and Jan Rogers. Please see the CFA announcement below for more details.


Thanks to all of the people involved in making the Gulf Shore FUNdRAISER Show a huge success. The show hall was beautiful and the people from the convention center were great. There were several exhibitors that "Granded" their cats. The competition was strong in every class.

Publicity was fabulous, however, there was also a County Fair in Waco, a football game and a couple of car races going on in the area the same weekend, making the gate less than expected. More details will follow concerning the financial success of the show.

REMINDER - We Need Your "Grand" Photos

James Watson has offered to include photos & names of GSR Grand Champion/Premiers and Distinguished Merit cats in a slide show at the Annual Awards Banquet this year. It will make his job much easier if you will send those photos as soon as your cat grands during the season!

To send an image via E-mail, be sure to scan the photo at 300 dpi and save the file as a .jpg. Digital photos should be sent at the resolution and size that they came out of the camera. This is usually 72dpi x 17 in. x 13 in. or bigger. These photos should also be sent as a .jpg. Please make sure that the photo file name is the name of the cat. Your email should include the full registered name of the cat, breeder(s) name and the owner(s) name.

Send it to Bitaheaven@tcworks.net. To send a print via "snail-mail" address photos to James Watson, 29 Hilton Dr., Conway, AR 72034-9607. Please include a self addressed, stamped envelope for the photo to be returned. Be sure to include the full registered name of the cat, breeder(s) name and owner(s) name.

James reported that he had received a good number of photos when he first announced this project, but nothing recently. We felt a little reminder was in order. Please help pass the word for those folks not on the GSR list.


CFA announced an exciting new award program beginning this year. This award will "Spotlight" one individual from each region, naming them the Regional Cat Fancier of the Year! The intent of this award is to recognize those fanciers that contribute "behind the scenes." From among the eight Regional winners a National Cat Fancier of the Year will be chosen.

In a recent e-mail to the CFA list JoAnn Cummings wrote, "...this award is meant for the person who irons each and every rosette before it is displayed in the show hall, the person who makes Christmas angels and Christmas boots for her club's raffle, the people who proudly cook the lunches, including homemade pies and cakes, and serve it to the judges, clerks, and other club members the days of their show. The person who takes their cat to Nursing homes and Senior Citizens homes. These are just a few of the people that I know and I'm certain they are many more. Many of these people never attend the annual, they just tirelessly work for CFA and their clubs year after year."

The Gulf Shore Region has an abundance of these hard working individuals! I would like to encourage you to take the time to nominate a deserving fancier you know by submitting their name & a resume of their accomplishments for consideration to Betty Haden, Gulf Shore Regional Director at stormy@beecreek.net or send by snail mail to: 301 Lake View Drive Boerne TX 78006-5616.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the first National Cat Fancier of the Year Award went to the Gulf Shore Region's Cat Fancier of they Year! See the Guidelines for the Spotlight Award below.


Attention Exhibitors in Region 3... I would like to know how you feel about the International Show being held in Houston. Let me know, both positive and negative feedback is appreciated. Email me stormy@beecreek.net or snail mail will work. Betty Haden, 301 Lake View Dr., Boerne, TX 78006.

CFA News:

The CFA Judging Program Committee would like to congratulate all the applicants and those up for advancement. Everyone was accepted/advanced at the CFA Board meeting.

Accepted as Trainee (Note - all are 2nd specialty)

Vicki Abelson - SH
Carla Bizzell - LH
Kathy Black - LH
Rick Hoskinson - LH
Jeff Janzen - LH
Hisako Komota - LH

Advanced to Apprentice:

Marsha Ammons - SH
Ellyn Honey - LH (2nd Specialty)
Jan Rogers - SH (2nd Specialty)

Advanced to Approval Pending:

Carolyn Lyons - SH
Tracy Petty - AB

Advanced to Approved:

Carla Bizzell - SH
Kathy Black - SH

Congratulations to all and a sincere thanks to the Board, the clubs and exhibitors who allow us all to handle your lovely cats.

It's a labor of love!

Loretta Baugh, Chair
CFA Judging Program Committee

Spotlight Award


Regional Selection Process:
Each Region will select one person who lives in their Region to be recognized as their "Regional Cat Fancier of the Year". The following are not eligible for this award: CFA current or former judges, and CFA current or former board members.

  1. Each Regional Director will be responsible for the selection process for the Regional Cat Fancier of the Year recipient. The selection may be made by the Regional Director, by a committee appointed to oversee the selection, or by a system they may already have in place. The recipient should be someone who has given outstanding service to CFA in any capacity. They should have a minimum of seven years in the fancy.
  2. The Regional Director or the Regional Committee will make the decision on when and how the Regional Cat Fancier of the Year will be honored.
  3. Following each regional awards banquet, a picture of the person selected and a short biography should be sent to the Spotlight Award Chairman or to a designated person no later than July 15.

National Selection Process:
Each year, one person from the eight Regional Cat Fanciers of the Year will be named "National Cat Fancier of the Year".

  1. All Regional Directors will help choose the "National Cat Fancier of the Year." The Spotlight Award Chairman will compile and forward to each Regional Director the pictures and biographies of all eight Regional Cat Fancier of the Year winners, along with a ballot.
  2. Each Regional Director or their committee will vote for the person who he/she thinks should be named "National Cat Fancier of the Year". Regional Directors cannot vote for the Cat Fancier from their home region.
  3. Voting will be done by accumulation of points. The person who you feel should receive the award will receive seven points; the 2nd person chosen will receive 6 points etc.
  4. Ballots must be returned to the Spotlight Award Chairman no later than August 1st.
  5. In the unlikely event of a tie, the Spotlight Award Chairman will break the tie vote.
  6. Regional Directors will be responsible to see that the above obligations are met. Failure to meet the deadlines could mean that your region may not be represented in the October issue of the Almanac.

Almanac Article:
All eight Cat Fanciers who receive the "Regional Cat Fancier of the Year" award will be featured in the October issue of the Almanac. The "National Cat Fancier of the Year" will have their picture and biography centered on the page, surrounded by pictures and a short biography of the other seven recipients.

Jo Ann Cummings
2008 CFA Annual
"Great Lakes Region Run for the Roses"

The Future of The Almanac & The Yearbook

Date: Sun, 05 Oct. 2003 17:21:35

I attended yesterday's meeting of the CFA Executive Board in Boston. Ten days prior to the meeting I had submitted my Publications Committee Report to the Board. At the meeting, I was present to answer any questions or concerns the Board members might have regarding my report. As you read in Scott Cowling's summary sent to this List, we had some dramatic recommendations. The Board unanimously adopted every one of our recommendations. I have put a copy of my report on-line for any of you who might be interested in reading it. There is also a link to a "Word" version of the report if you want to print it out for easier reading since it's pretty long.

I'm grateful to those who worked on the Task Force that developed these recommendations for the Board and to the Board for their faith in our recommendations.

Go to: http://www.geocities.com/cfa_publications/report_10_03.htm

Mark Hannon, Chair
CFA Publications Committee

Supreme Court Decision

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance,
the reasonable voice regarding animal issues.

Supreme Court Denies DDAL Appeal
[Thursday, October 09, 2003]

This message is a service of the American Kennel Club's Canine Legislation department. This information may be reprinted or forwarded appropriately with a citation to AKC.

AKC has learned that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied the Doris Day Animal League's (DDAL) petition to appeal a case against the USDA that would have made all residential breeders of dogs and cats subject to federal licensing and inspection. The decision, which upholds an earlier ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, supports the current exemption of residential breeders who sell dogs only at retail from regulation under the Animal Welfare Act. "We are pleased with the Supreme Court's decision to deny DDAL's petition," stated James Holt, AKC's Government Relations Consultant. "Congress did not intend for small hobby breeders to be regulated by the federal government."

Currently, the Animal Welfare Act covers only persons who sell dogs at wholesale, but the lawsuit filed by DDAL would also have brought under coverage people who sell dogs at retail from their homes. In January 2003, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the US Department of Agriculture's interpretation that people who sell dogs at retail from their own homes fall under "retail pet store" exemption of the Act. An amicus curaie or "friend of the court" brief filed by AKC supported the USDA's position that hobby breeders who sell only at retail are exempt from the Act. The Appeals Court also agreed that these persons already are subject to state and local laws to prevent cruelty and that there is already a great deal of oversight by breed registries such as the AKC. AKC performs over 4000 inspections of private breeding facilities -- including homes, commercial breeders and pet stores -- each year.

"No group is more concerned about the humane treatment of dogs than the AKC," noted Noreen Baxter, AKC's Vice President for Public Education and Legislation. "We support strong enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act and believe that its current interpretation will allow the USDA to focus its attention where it's needed most."

To share information, subscribe or unsubscribe, please send an e-mail message to rpoa@texas.net.

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