Meeting Notes – Stars & Stripes show in Conroe, TX, July 9, 2016.


Kathy Black, Regional Director held a meeting during the Stars & Stripes show in Conroe, TX, July 9, 2016.


George Snell was recognized for his long time support as our regional webmaster. A check was presented to him as a thank you gift for his contributions over the years.


Sheryl Zink was recognized for receiving a Bronze Star during the 2016 Annual awards banquet. Bronze, Silver, and Gold stars are awarded to those individuals who have gone above and beyond in support of CFA. We all know that Sheryl is a star in our region as entry clerk and Regional Treasurer, it was nice to see the entire organization recognize what a jewel we have.


I mentioned a few talking points from the delegate meeting. The official notes from the meeting will be on CFA’s website as soon as the secretary completes them. But these were hotly debated topics. (All proposals are not put in place until the Board meeting in October, and most are not effective until May 1, 2017)


  1. Ring by ring scoring was defeated by the delegation
  2. Intermediate titles for Champions and Premiers passed with favorable recommendation to the Board.
  3. Super Specialty rings are available for shows this current season, so if your club wishes to have this format, it is available. The Super Specialty rings do not replace the rule regarding the number of required specialty rings. This format is still experimental. If you wish to add this to one of your upcoming shows contact me for additional requirements.
  4. The ability of a club to have a cage free show passed. Has to be pre-noticed on the flier, and the club have wire or pop up cages available for rent.
  5. Recognized awards for National 2nd and 3rd best of breed. The current rule only allows the top cat in each breed (breed winner) to state such on pedigrees, website, etc. This rule allows those whose cats achieved 2nd and 3rd the ability to state so.
  6. Reducing male Distinguished Merit Award down from the current grands of 15 to 10. It was suggested that I create a poll for the Region as to how they feel about this change.


Again, these were defeated or passed by the delegation, the Board will visit each of these resolutions at the October Board meeting. If you have strong feelings about any of these topics, please call or write me.


Alamo Cat Club and the Region are holding a joint show July 30-31, 2016 in Seguin, TX.  I strongly ask you to support both shows with your entries. This is a 12 ring show. Seguin is a very historic area of Texas, a wonderful showhall, and friendly people. Ya’ll come!


The International Show will be held in Novi, MI, November 19-20, 2016.  Seven judging rings, 4AB, 3SP for each show. Information regarding judges, hotels, entry procedures, etc. will be coming out soon. Pamela Basset was chosen in the first round of ballots to represent our region. Kathy Black was chosen in the second round of balloting. 

All kitten rings will be top 20 (both AB and SP).  All premiership rings will be top 15 (both AB and SP).  Championship is top 20 AB and top 15 specialty.  If more than 45 HHPs are entered, they get top 15.  Household Pets will be judged in the Red Show.

Also for this show only, Champions will be increased to 4, and Premiers to 3, so plan to bring those cats you are wanting to Grand.


Our Regional Awards show/banquet next year will be at the Hyatt Regency, Houston, TX the second weekend in June. 


There was a brief discussion about the lack of shows in August, September and October. Mardi Gras Cats/Cenla Cats is hosting a hotel show August 27, 2016 in Alexandria, LA. Information for this show will be on our Regional website soon.


I asked if there were clubs which were not currently hosting shows to talk to their members about a show for the first weekend in October. A couple of clubs are considering this.


I am forming a committee to audit our treasurer records.  Our regional treasurer welcomes this idea and will cooperate fully with our audit committee.  This not only protects her, but also our regional funds.


In closing I want to say that communication is a two-way street.  I will do my best to communicate to the region timely news and ask for your communication back to me regarding shows, your thoughts on the resolutions before the Board, etc.


Kathy Black

Region 3 Director