Townhall October 2017


Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I have held a meeting and there is a lot of news to report. I appreciate you coming to our Fundraiser and supporting the Region. I also want to thank all who helped with the setup of the show, the raffle, and hope you all stay for tear down this afternoon.

I am so grateful and thankful that the recent hurricanes did not affect very many of our breeders and exhibitors. We have received donations from all across the US for our Disaster Relief fund. We thank those donors for their generosity. For those not familiar our Disaster Relief fund is dedicated funds for that purpose and cannot be used for any other Regional expenses.

CFA has donated $4000 for breeder assistance and $2000 to each the Gulf Shore Region and the Southern Region. Sheryl already has the check. Thank you, CFA,! I especially want to thank those who helped those in need. Caroline Fralia and Jan Rogers really took on the lion share of the work to find and help those in need. Thank you, ladies! If you know of a fancier with expenses and needs be sure to contact me.

Show notes: Our next Regional show is in Sequin, TX November 11. This is a one day show on Veterans Day weekend. The club is having Veteran cat judging. That is a special judging for those pedigreed cats over 7 years of age. They do not have to be altered. Consider bringing one of your older cats to this show.  Going to be a lot of fun so get your entries in for this.

The Royal Canin/CFA International will be in Portland, OR the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 18-19, 2017. This year it is one show, not two as it has been for the past several years. Our Region voted Pam Bassett as the Region 3 judge. Pam is judging kittens and HHP. The other judges and the formats are on the CFA website. Entries close October 31. Last check there were 450 entries. Don’t miss out. Consider going. I am!

December brings Show & Tell’s December show back here in Cleburne. A lot of fun with pot luck lunch, gift exchange and Christmas spirit.

For the June Regional and banquet, we will be at the same facility as last year. We are already working on the details for the show and banquet. I looked to hold the show and banquet somewhere between Dallas and Tulsa and could not find a suitable or affordable venue. So the decision was made to return to Houston. The hotel was wonderful to work with and the costs were very reasonable compared to other locations. Due the time constraints this was the best choice. The contracts need to be signed 2-3 years out. I am currently looking for the location for 2019. I am considering having it here in Cleburne, but if you know of a locaton that is affordable and suitable for our needs, let me know.

One special item is “The Cat Writer’s Association” has decided to hold their annual conference at the same location. They will be in attendance at the show and we are donating a vendor booth for book signings. It will be very special having them attend our weekend of events. Also, we are planning to recognize all the previous Regional Directors at the Banquet. There are 9 that we are hoping will be there for this special night.

Speaking of books, Stephanie Thompson is donating $0.75 from the sale of each of her two books to the Region. We appreciate Steph’s generosity and I encourage you to pick up a couple for gifts or yourself.

I would like to make some comments regarding the lawsuit brought by FRCC against the Region and the officers at the time.  In case you are not aware of the history, let me give a brief summation of past events.

At this show in 2015 the Regional Fundraiser was also to benefit FRCC. The club is a Colorado club and they were wanting to move the club to Texas. There were independent fund raising during the show with lunch, bake sale and raffles. It was agreed that the Region would front all the expenses before the show, and that the judge’s fees and other show expenses, entries, vendors and gate would be divided for each.  After the show was over and the income and expenses determined, a check was sent to FRCC President. That check was never cashed and so at a future show, Steve who was then the RD and two of the officers from FRCC presented the check to FRCC President. Accompanying the check was the documentation as to how that sum was determined. FRCC filed suit against the Region and the officers over the amount of the check and the documentation.

The Region tried to settle out of court, but FRCC refused.

The suit went to trial September 18th here in Cleburne at small claims court. All who gave testimony were compelling in their witness. After the judge heard all of the testimony he gave a ruling about a week later. He ruled in favor of FRCC and increased the amount of the original payment by $1200.

I am not going to get into much more detail than this other than to say I trust our Regional Treasurer and her accounting methods. That show year was audited with no irregularities. This situation has caused many ill feelings between both sides.

Here is what I want to say. We are one Region, we all have the same passions and interest with our cats. The Region’s job is to support all clubs and its members, the shows, and the exhibitors. Being the RD, my position is to work for and support ALL members, not just a few. I have been accused of being on one side. That is not true. I was at the trial as the Region was being sued, and I am the current representative for the Region.  I gave no testimony as I have no first hand knowledge.

My position is to stop the hate and the bickering. To stop the “your side” and “my side” talk. We are one region. We need to pull together as one. There are too many out there who want to destroy us and take away our hobby. Are we going to implode ourselves? What and who does that benefit? No one!

I have been hearing a lot of divisiveness from people. Not just those involved with the lawsuit but others too. Let me read you synonyms of divisiveness:

Animosity, antagonism, argument, bickering, clash, conflict, controversy, debate, difference, discord, dissent, disunity, division, fight, friction, hostility, squabble, tension, misunderstanding, contention, disunion, ill feeling, clash, vendetta.

I don’t know about you but for me just saying and hearing those words makes me feel sadness, anxiety and fear.

Sadly that describes our Region today. Is that how we want our Region to be known? Is that how we want to treat each other? I understand that cat shows are a competition but if you are attacking those you are competing with, they will leave. You will be all alone and what joy is in that? I am hearing that well known exhibitors and even those considered as leaders are causing the most damage. It has got to stop.

I am asking you to think about your words. You know the old adage about sticks and stones? Well words do hurt, and this constant divisiveness has to end. And I mean today!

We are a family. Some families fight and others get along very well. We are going to have our differences. But family comes first. Forgiveness takes more effort and pain than hate. I am asking, no I am begging each and every one of you to watch your words, think before you speak. Let’s start to build unity and bring the Region back together. I don’t want people using the words I said before to describe our Region. I want them to speak about us in a positive light. We have new exhibitors joining our shows. Do we want them to see a bunch of hateful and bickering exhibitors? What message does that send? We are here to have fun, not to fight.

Look around the showhall? What is the average age of us here? What will this show look like 20 years from now? We love to show off our beautiful cats. CFA is hurting in the US. Shows, the counts, and the number of cats bred are on a steep downhill trend. I tell you if I was a new exhibitor and I walked into the tension and hatred felt in this room I would not be back. Do you want CFA to die? Do you want our Region to die? I know I don’t.

Let’s work together, let’s support each other, put aside our differences and find commonality. It’s there. Let’s find it, embrace it, find the joy that comes from that and be a unified group again.

Thank you for taking the time to attend today. I hope that you take my words seriously. I hope you think twice before saying something bad about another. I hope you find your joy and then work to help others find theirs. My wish is that I see positive change very soon.

Financial information before the entries for this show have our Checking at $4,735, Savings with $23,793 and Disaster Relief $7,505.

Thank you!  Questions?

Theresa: Why did you not communicate with Gary Shubert once elected as RD to resolve the issue with the lawsuit?

Kathy: I wanted to talk to Gary, and in fact I agreed to a phone call, but once the lawyer found out, he instructed me not to communicate with Gary as he was one of the parties suing the Region. The litigants named were the officers and the Region. As the RD, I represented the Region. Therefore, I was unable to speak to him to try and resolve this before court. We did offer to settle before going to court, and Front Range refused.

Sharleen: How can we have more shows?

Kathy: There will be a new club holding a show the last weekend of February. Wildcatters in Beaumont will not be able to hold their show due to the hurricane damage. Magnolia is hosting a show in Alexandria on that weekend. It will be a 5×5. Wildcatters will resume their normal show date for 2019 and Magnolia will find another weekend. So that will be an additional show date for the Region. I have also spoken to some of the clubs who are no longer hosting shows to find them a show date.


Everyone have a great show and thank you for attending.

Kathy Black

Regional Director