State of the Region

Region 3 Newsletter – State of the Region                                                                             12/6/2018

It has been a while since I have held a meeting or given a report on the State of the Region. First, I want to thank each of you who participate to make this the best Region of CFA. Each of you play a part, some large, some small, but all contributing to keep our Regional shows happening, mentoring and bringing in new exhibitors, and growing our Fancy.

And we are growing, which is very exciting to see. We have added three shows to the schedule for this show season: Gulf Coast Feline Foundation/Happy Alternative, Brazos Valley, and Cow Hill cat clubs. We needed more shows, and this helps to fill the void in certain months of our schedule.

We have also added monies to the treasury. Thank you for your support of shows, raffles, vendors, and donations, we are making profits on most all Regional shows. This is exciting and not the case a few years ago. My father likes to say you cannot stay in one place. You are either growing or dying. I am happy to say we are growing!!

I must thank a few specific individuals. Paula Noble has been the Regional secretary since I was elected Regional Director. Paula did an excellent job in this role, and we love her as our Master Clerk at shows. I recently changed that position to Leesa Altschul. Leesa has a lot to learn, but she will quickly catch on and be able to take on the aspects of the role I am requesting. Thank Paula for her work as Secretary and welcome Leesa to the role.

Toni Huff is quiet and soft spoken, but she works tirelessly for the Region. Managing most of our shows vendors and working to raise sponsorships for our Regionals. Toni brought in three different shelters for the October Fundraiser, with them adopting out over a dozen cats. Having shelter cats at our local shows keeps our enemies at bay and proves that CFA is truly for the welfare of all cats.

Sheryl Zink our tireless entry clerk and Regional Treasurer is always up to the task and keeping our books straight. Thank you, Sheryl! Our current balances are:

Checking Account – $17,520.75

Savings Account – $23,606.60 (includes $5,916.56 disaster relief funds)

Total – $41,327.35

Mike Altschul has probably made more of an impact on the brand and image of CFA than anyone else in the world. His dedication and work to make our shows known through Facebook advertising has not only increased the public awareness of CFA but made our shows profitable when many were struggling to survive. Mike has worked the Facebook advertising for over 70 shows, all of which saw remarkable improvement in their amount of gate for the show. We want to turn a percentage of these spectators into exhibitors, but it starts with them walking into our show. Be friendly, helpful, answer questions, and supportive. These people are our future!! Thank you, Mike, for your expertise and work to help the CFA clubs. Mike spends about 30 hours per show, so the next time you see him, thank him!

Our show counts have increased which not only helps our Regional cats achieve breed and national wins, but also draws exhibitors from other Regions to our shows. Houston Cat Club is one of the premier shows in the country and a shining star for the Region. We are looking forward to another stellar event at the George R Brown this coming January.

We have added Agility, thanks to HCC for the equipment, and are excited to have Agility at several upcoming shows. Seems every year, Sue Riley was the only exhibitor to have a cat compete in Agility. I hope to have several cats recognized for agility at our June Regional. Sue and Donna Hinton are the only certified Ring Masters for Region 3. We need someone who is regularly attending our shows to step into this role. Contact Sue Riley if you are interested in being trained as an Agility Ring Master.

In the upcoming months you will see several fundraisers to earn money for the 2021 CFA Annual in Houston, TX. Traci Whittenberg oversees creating ideas for fundraising. Next time you see her give your ideas on how we can raise funds. We need to start this today. 2021 will be here quickly.

I mentioned how the Region is growing. But this is just the beginning. How can you get involved? A few suggested ways are: registering every kitten from the litter, supporting your local shows, bringing in one to two new exhibitors, mentoring new breeders/exhibitors, passing out a coloring book to a child at a show, telling your children/grand children about the Youth Educational Feline Program, encouraging a spectator to bring their household cat to the next show, educating your friend and relatives about CFA, bringing an item for the next show’s raffle, volunteering to help with setup/tear down, learn to clerk, become a judge, and many other ways. It all starts with you becoming involved.

I want to thank each of you for your support of me, this Region and our shows. My wish is for each of you to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and that all your cat dreams come true.

Happy Holidays!

Regional Director – Gulf Shore Region