Ambassadors: The Face of CFA

“Ask Me”!  This is what the CFA Ambassadors is all about:  representing our various breeds and our furry hobby to the public during shows around the United States and beyond.  Not only do Ambassadors explain the goings-on in a ring or demonstrate kitties on a leash, but Ambassadors have the true empathic ear pet owners flock to during a show.  Kitty moms who have recently suffered a loss or have a wonderful story to share are easy to spot in a show hall:  first they gravitate to their favorite breed, and next tearfully or gleefully tell their “tail” and Ambassadors listen as only Ambassadors can, with a loving heart of helping someone in need.

So, “Ask Me”!  Ask me WHAT?  How about how YOU can be part of this wonderful, giving group of cat fanciers who lend aid, comfort and answer a few questions during a show.  The requirements are few, but so very vital to the Ambassador gift:  first, know your own breed; next familiarize yourself with the top ten breeds as many folks coming to a show will want to know where to locate their favorite kitties.  And last, have an open heart and a huge smile to welcome first timers to the world of the cat fancy.

Joining is EASY!  Joining is FREE! 

Just go on line and sign up!  In return you will receive “Ask Me!” buttons, an “Ask Me” sign for your cage, and a terrific handbook which will tell you how to answer the simplest to the most complex question you might hear during a show. 

Joining is LIFE-CHANGING!  Be prepared to meet some amazing people from all over the world; be prepared to laugh, cry and share the wonderful feline world we all hold dear.  Ambassadors guarantee life-changing moments which change us all for the better.
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Now – Whats a PMC?

Another CFA outreach program falling under the Ambassadors umbrella is the Pet Me Cat program.  These are registered CFA kitties who purr their way into the hearts of spectators through true hands-on experiences.  Often seen on a leash and halter, lounging on a pillow in a grooming space, Pet Me kitties are registered cats/kittens who are NOT being judged but are in the show hall just to be petted and admired by the curious gate who want to know “what is all the fuss about?”

In the hustle-bustle of a show, many exhibitors don’t have the time to stop on-site grooming and making it to the correct ring to allow spectators to get “up close and personal” with a show cat.  PMCs allow the public to actually TOUCH, PET and HOLD a real, live, purring SHOW CAT/KITTEN.  This is animal therapy in its truest form:  allowing the empathic nature of a cat to commune with the human soul, whether in need or not.

“ Got it- idea sounds great … Okay, so how can I be part of the PMC program?”

How to Contact the CFA Ambassador Program
If you wish to reach the CFA Ambassador Program, please send us an email. We appreciate your input and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

PMCs are easy to find in a show hall:  just look for the yellow pennant which announces a Pet Me Cat in residence. To become a PMC “exhibitor,” you must first be a registered CFA Ambassador, and most importantly, have a kitty which interacts well with strangers, especially children.

When registering for a show, contact show management WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW to arrange for FREE cage and grooming space. Upon arrival at the show hall, you and your feline public relations specialist will set up complete with a PMC pennant.  Be sure to bring along some breed brochures, lots of toys and of course a halter and leash … spectators like nothing more than watching a kitty take a stroll through the show hall, taking his human for a walk!

How to Contact the CFA Ambassador Program
If you wish to reach the CFA Ambassador Program, please send us an email. We appreciate your input and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

CFA Ambassador Program Committee
Chair – Candilee Jackson
Committee Members:
Art Graafmans
Ken Cribbs

For easy sign up or more information: 
This is the Pet Me Cat sign up link:
OR Contact your nearest regional coordinator:

CFA Ambassador Program – Regional Coordinators
Region 1 – North Atlantic:

Region 2 – Northwest:

Region 3 – Gulf Shore:

Region 4 – Great Lakes:

Region 5 – Southwest:

  • Shari Millar, Coordinator (La Jolla, CA)
  • Donna Fujie, Coordinator (Hawai’i)

Region 6 – Midwest:

Region 7 – Southern:

Region 8 – Japan:

Region 9 – Europe:

  • Natalya Gnatyuk, Coordinator ( Russia)
  • Ulrike Kneupple, Coordinator (Germany)

International Division (Asia/Latin America):