Townhall meeting, Orange, TX – Feb 23, 2019

Townhall meeting, Orange, TX – Feb 23, 2019

Good morning. I want to thank you for coming and supporting this show. As you know the club has dealt with many adversities, and I appreciate their strength and determination to hold a show for you to attend. Thank you, Wildcatters and Magnolia clubs!!

We are very sad to not have Dr. Warren Joubert here. I know he is here in spirit and we all feel that. Thank each of you who donated to the GoFundMe, sent donations, attended the funeral and showed his family our love and support.

I have been in communication with Kris his wife and she has assured me there will be a CENLA cat show in August. She wants to dedicate the show to Warren. I hope that each of you will support Kris in this show. She has not been involved in show production in a long time and we do not want to lose a show off our calendar.

Like the Geico commercial with the camel Guess what day it is??, well it’s close to the day of our GSR Regional show and banquet. June 15-16, 2019 is just around the corner. I hope each of you plan to be there. We have a 10 ring show planned with Marsha Ammons, Rachel Anger, Pam Bassett, Marilee Griswold, Karen Godwin, Wain Harding, Darrell Newkirk, Brian Pearson, Liz Watson. Jan Rogers has canceled, and I will take her place to save the Region money. We also are going to have Agility!! The banquet and show will be at the Mesquite Convention Center attached to the Hampton Inn. A hotel show in a fabulous location!!

I need some feedback from you. Did you like the awards last year? We had some issues with the images, and I apologize to some of you that had a smaller picture than others. We wanted to have the pictures recessed into the wood with a plastic covering, but because of the sizing we were not able to do that. Some of the plaques got scratched, which was an issue when we used the prior vendor. So I would like to use our original idea of the recessed image under plastic, but you have to help me by supplying high quality images that have not been altered in size. Now that we have a good working relationship with this vendor, I expect the awards to be even better than last year.

I would like to add another trophy to our awards. We have a perpetual trophy for the best Kitten, Championship and Premiership cats. I would like to add the Dr. Warren Joubert perpetual trophy to the highest scoring HHP. Donna Hinton has provided us with a trophy, I will get it inscribed if everyone agrees with this idea.

Leesa will accept the images and Toni will be our chairperson for sponsorships and duplicates as we did last year. I was blown away by the sponsorship last year. Let’s do it again this year!! I have been asked how many HHP we will recognize. We will award top 10. We have several close races this year in all classes and within some breeds, and that adds to the excitement of the shows. Continue to support our Regional shows and best of luck to everyone!

We will be hosting the Annual is 2021 in Houston Texas. Traci Whittenburg is chairperson for the Annual. She is looking for people to assist her and be on committees. If you are interested see Traci. As a breeder, club, or club member start thinking about the items for the delegate bag. This is something every delegate looks forward to getting at the Annual meeting and I would like every club to donate something to the bag. Start discussing this with your club members and start thinking about what you would like to donate.

Other Regional thoughts. Please be kind and considerate of our visitors to the shows. We want to make the people feel welcome and for them to have a good time.

I have Yearbooks for sale, $45 each and saves you the shipping costs. I was not able to bring too many with me this weekend. I will have them at the Mesquite show in a few weeks. Let me know if you want one.

Consider volunteering as a Mentor, bring a Pet Me Cat to the show, become involved in actively bringing in new exhibitors. Have ideas about the Mentorship, Ambassador, Youth Feline program, or any other CFA program? Get involved! Have you thought about clerking, becoming a judge, want to be involved in show production? Don’t be shy, volunteer! Get involved!

Now for some CFA news. I hope everyone read the summary minutes from the last Board meeting.  Rachel is very close to sending out the detailed minutes from the weekend. CFA accepted the Toybob as a new breed starting May 1. They join the Lykoi and the Khao Manee as Miscellaneous breeds. Congratulations to the Toybob breeders.

The solution to the China situation is still in progress. The Board sent out a statement and I can’t comment other than what was said. Please keep your comments about China out of Social Media. Every word said, complaint, or question is used against us and provides a stumbling block our opponents can use to thwart our progress. I understand it is difficult to say “trust us” but that is what the Board is asking each of you to do. We are very close to resolving our issues there.

One last thing and then I will take a few questions. A couple of years ago the delegates passed a constitutional amendment that each Region will be incorporated. The Regions will be incorporated under the laws of Ohio. The Board has passed the By-Laws for each of the Regions. In the By-Laws it calls for 4 officers of the Region: The President – the current Regional Director, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The three officers will be appointed by the President of the Region.

I do not plan to make any changes to our existing officers of Sheryl Zink as Treasurer and Leesa Altschul as Secretary. The one open role is for Vice President. In the By-Laws it lists the Vice President as “performing the duties of the president in the absence of the President”. Our show rules address how a vacancy of the Regional Director is to be handled. The Vice President would be in charge until a new election would be completed. I plan to expand this role to include other duties as well. I will be appointing this position soon. If you are interested in the role contact me privately for more information.

State of the Region

Region 3 Newsletter – State of the Region                                                                             12/6/2018

It has been a while since I have held a meeting or given a report on the State of the Region. First, I want to thank each of you who participate to make this the best Region of CFA. Each of you play a part, some large, some small, but all contributing to keep our Regional shows happening, mentoring and bringing in new exhibitors, and growing our Fancy.

And we are growing, which is very exciting to see. We have added three shows to the schedule for this show season: Gulf Coast Feline Foundation/Happy Alternative, Brazos Valley, and Cow Hill cat clubs. We needed more shows, and this helps to fill the void in certain months of our schedule.

We have also added monies to the treasury. Thank you for your support of shows, raffles, vendors, and donations, we are making profits on most all Regional shows. This is exciting and not the case a few years ago. My father likes to say you cannot stay in one place. You are either growing or dying. I am happy to say we are growing!!

I must thank a few specific individuals. Paula Noble has been the Regional secretary since I was elected Regional Director. Paula did an excellent job in this role, and we love her as our Master Clerk at shows. I recently changed that position to Leesa Altschul. Leesa has a lot to learn, but she will quickly catch on and be able to take on the aspects of the role I am requesting. Thank Paula for her work as Secretary and welcome Leesa to the role.

Toni Huff is quiet and soft spoken, but she works tirelessly for the Region. Managing most of our shows vendors and working to raise sponsorships for our Regionals. Toni brought in three different shelters for the October Fundraiser, with them adopting out over a dozen cats. Having shelter cats at our local shows keeps our enemies at bay and proves that CFA is truly for the welfare of all cats.

Sheryl Zink our tireless entry clerk and Regional Treasurer is always up to the task and keeping our books straight. Thank you, Sheryl! Our current balances are:

Checking Account – $17,520.75

Savings Account – $23,606.60 (includes $5,916.56 disaster relief funds)

Total – $41,327.35

Mike Altschul has probably made more of an impact on the brand and image of CFA than anyone else in the world. His dedication and work to make our shows known through Facebook advertising has not only increased the public awareness of CFA but made our shows profitable when many were struggling to survive. Mike has worked the Facebook advertising for over 70 shows, all of which saw remarkable improvement in their amount of gate for the show. We want to turn a percentage of these spectators into exhibitors, but it starts with them walking into our show. Be friendly, helpful, answer questions, and supportive. These people are our future!! Thank you, Mike, for your expertise and work to help the CFA clubs. Mike spends about 30 hours per show, so the next time you see him, thank him!

Our show counts have increased which not only helps our Regional cats achieve breed and national wins, but also draws exhibitors from other Regions to our shows. Houston Cat Club is one of the premier shows in the country and a shining star for the Region. We are looking forward to another stellar event at the George R Brown this coming January.

We have added Agility, thanks to HCC for the equipment, and are excited to have Agility at several upcoming shows. Seems every year, Sue Riley was the only exhibitor to have a cat compete in Agility. I hope to have several cats recognized for agility at our June Regional. Sue and Donna Hinton are the only certified Ring Masters for Region 3. We need someone who is regularly attending our shows to step into this role. Contact Sue Riley if you are interested in being trained as an Agility Ring Master.

In the upcoming months you will see several fundraisers to earn money for the 2021 CFA Annual in Houston, TX. Traci Whittenberg oversees creating ideas for fundraising. Next time you see her give your ideas on how we can raise funds. We need to start this today. 2021 will be here quickly.

I mentioned how the Region is growing. But this is just the beginning. How can you get involved? A few suggested ways are: registering every kitten from the litter, supporting your local shows, bringing in one to two new exhibitors, mentoring new breeders/exhibitors, passing out a coloring book to a child at a show, telling your children/grand children about the Youth Educational Feline Program, encouraging a spectator to bring their household cat to the next show, educating your friend and relatives about CFA, bringing an item for the next show’s raffle, volunteering to help with setup/tear down, learn to clerk, become a judge, and many other ways. It all starts with you becoming involved.

I want to thank each of you for your support of me, this Region and our shows. My wish is for each of you to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and that all your cat dreams come true.

Happy Holidays!

Regional Director – Gulf Shore Region

From Alexandria Meeting


Welcome everyone to Alexandria, I wanted to hold a quick meeting.

First thank you to Magnolia for stepping up to hold this show this weekend. As you know this is Wildcatter’s traditional weekend, but due to Hurricane Harvey damage they were unable to hold their show this year. They will be back in 2019 and Magnolia will find another weekend. So that will add a new show to our calendar.

Speaking of new shows, Cow Hill is going to be a show producing club! For their first adventure, they are joining us on the Fundraiser weekend, October 27, 2018. The show will be held at the Mesquite – Hampton Inn Convention center. Saturday will be the fundraiser and Sunday will be Cow Hill Cat Club. It is a 6×6 format. We want everyone to attend this show not only to help the Region but also to support a new club. Cow Hill’s traditional date will be last weekend in July starting in 2019. Their first show is July 27, 2019 in Norman, OK. Welcome Cow Hill!!! So that is two new show dates for next season and going forward.

I also want to continue to encourage the youth in the Region to join the YFEP. There are awards both on the Regional and National level. We have two currently earning points. Isabelle Pitts and Viviane Phillips doing wonderful things, and we appreciate their time and commitment to CFA and to learning about cats!

Here are some dates for what is upcoming:

March 17-18 Cleburne, TX show with Ozark Cat Fanciers and Happy Alternative Cat Club as a sponsor. 10 ring back to back

March 31 Gonzales, LA Greater Baton Rouge 6 ring one day show. This is a 5th weekend show so very little competition for entries from other regions.

April 7, Oklahoma City Cat club in a new location in Norman, OK. Right off I35 and very convenient for driving and not too far from the OKC airport either. 6 ring one day show. There is an event with OU that weekend so hotel rooms in Norman will be filled quickly. There are many other options, look to Moore or other surrounding cities outside of Norman. They are all very close.

April 14-15 is Loveland, CO Foot of the Rockies show. Please support our only show producing club in Colorado. This is a 10 ring back to back.

April 21-22 is our Regional last show of the season. North Texas and Fort Worth cat clubs are hosting a 6×6 in Mesquite, TX.

June 9-10 is our Regional banquet and cat show in Houston, TX. Same location as last year. I am looking for volunteers to help with rosettes, set up, MC the banquet, decorations, a host of committees. Jan wrote me that she will not be doing our awards this year. I have a small committee working to find another vendor. I have made a list of the committees needed and I will leave this with Paula at the Master Clerk table. Please consider volunteering to make out show and banquet special. We are also honoring the past Regional Directors and hope that many of them will be attending. (Thank you to all who signed up to help!! I am still looking for more volunteers, there will be further emails about this soon)

June 27-July 1 is the National Awards banquet and delegate meeting in Atlanta Georgia, the information is on the CFA website. Consider going and make your hotel reservations. See you there! We will have 4-5 National Winners from our Region, plan to attend and support them!!

Now for more news, the Board at the February meeting voted and passed the following about the international show. As you might remember we changed the date to October 13-14, 2018 at the I-X center in Cleveland, OH. The Marriot nearby has a $89/night rate.

The show will again be two shows, and scored as it has been the past few years. All Judges will be selected by the clubs with one ballot. There will not be a two-step process like the past few years. Ballots will list the Allbreed judges that have not opted out, and the clubs will pick their 20 judges. Each show will have 8 judges and two alternates. The format will be 2 AB, 3 SP and 3 Super SP. Because of the Super Specialty rings all judges to be voted for must be AB judges. The limit is 500 cats per show. Awards are top 15 across the board (Kit, CH, PR, HHP) and top 5 for Veterans. Top 4 champions and top 3 Premiers in each final. Plan to attend this show!!

I strongly advise you to take advantage of the $1000 CFA is giving to every club. $500 to be spent on advertising, the other $500 to pay other expenses.

I was given and extra $1000 to help a new club put on a show, or could split for two clubs. Due to the rules it didn’t work out for Happy Alternative so the $1000 check was given to Magnolia Cat Club to help with their expenses.

That is all the time I will take today, everyone have a great weekend and show!

Kathy Black

Regional Director Gulf Shore Region



Townhall October 2017


Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I have held a meeting and there is a lot of news to report. I appreciate you coming to our Fundraiser and supporting the Region. I also want to thank all who helped with the setup of the show, the raffle, and hope you all stay for tear down this afternoon.

I am so grateful and thankful that the recent hurricanes did not affect very many of our breeders and exhibitors. We have received donations from all across the US for our Disaster Relief fund. We thank those donors for their generosity. For those not familiar our Disaster Relief fund is dedicated funds for that purpose and cannot be used for any other Regional expenses.

CFA has donated $4000 for breeder assistance and $2000 to each the Gulf Shore Region and the Southern Region. Sheryl already has the check. Thank you, CFA,! I especially want to thank those who helped those in need. Caroline Fralia and Jan Rogers really took on the lion share of the work to find and help those in need. Thank you, ladies! If you know of a fancier with expenses and needs be sure to contact me.

Show notes: Our next Regional show is in Sequin, TX November 11. This is a one day show on Veterans Day weekend. The club is having Veteran cat judging. That is a special judging for those pedigreed cats over 7 years of age. They do not have to be altered. Consider bringing one of your older cats to this show.  Going to be a lot of fun so get your entries in for this.

The Royal Canin/CFA International will be in Portland, OR the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 18-19, 2017. This year it is one show, not two as it has been for the past several years. Our Region voted Pam Bassett as the Region 3 judge. Pam is judging kittens and HHP. The other judges and the formats are on the CFA website. Entries close October 31. Last check there were 450 entries. Don’t miss out. Consider going. I am!

December brings Show & Tell’s December show back here in Cleburne. A lot of fun with pot luck lunch, gift exchange and Christmas spirit.

For the June Regional and banquet, we will be at the same facility as last year. We are already working on the details for the show and banquet. I looked to hold the show and banquet somewhere between Dallas and Tulsa and could not find a suitable or affordable venue. So the decision was made to return to Houston. The hotel was wonderful to work with and the costs were very reasonable compared to other locations. Due the time constraints this was the best choice. The contracts need to be signed 2-3 years out. I am currently looking for the location for 2019. I am considering having it here in Cleburne, but if you know of a locaton that is affordable and suitable for our needs, let me know.

One special item is “The Cat Writer’s Association” has decided to hold their annual conference at the same location. They will be in attendance at the show and we are donating a vendor booth for book signings. It will be very special having them attend our weekend of events. Also, we are planning to recognize all the previous Regional Directors at the Banquet. There are 9 that we are hoping will be there for this special night.

Speaking of books, Stephanie Thompson is donating $0.75 from the sale of each of her two books to the Region. We appreciate Steph’s generosity and I encourage you to pick up a couple for gifts or yourself.

I would like to make some comments regarding the lawsuit brought by FRCC against the Region and the officers at the time.  In case you are not aware of the history, let me give a brief summation of past events.

At this show in 2015 the Regional Fundraiser was also to benefit FRCC. The club is a Colorado club and they were wanting to move the club to Texas. There were independent fund raising during the show with lunch, bake sale and raffles. It was agreed that the Region would front all the expenses before the show, and that the judge’s fees and other show expenses, entries, vendors and gate would be divided for each.  After the show was over and the income and expenses determined, a check was sent to FRCC President. That check was never cashed and so at a future show, Steve who was then the RD and two of the officers from FRCC presented the check to FRCC President. Accompanying the check was the documentation as to how that sum was determined. FRCC filed suit against the Region and the officers over the amount of the check and the documentation.

The Region tried to settle out of court, but FRCC refused.

The suit went to trial September 18th here in Cleburne at small claims court. All who gave testimony were compelling in their witness. After the judge heard all of the testimony he gave a ruling about a week later. He ruled in favor of FRCC and increased the amount of the original payment by $1200.

I am not going to get into much more detail than this other than to say I trust our Regional Treasurer and her accounting methods. That show year was audited with no irregularities. This situation has caused many ill feelings between both sides.

Here is what I want to say. We are one Region, we all have the same passions and interest with our cats. The Region’s job is to support all clubs and its members, the shows, and the exhibitors. Being the RD, my position is to work for and support ALL members, not just a few. I have been accused of being on one side. That is not true. I was at the trial as the Region was being sued, and I am the current representative for the Region.  I gave no testimony as I have no first hand knowledge.

My position is to stop the hate and the bickering. To stop the “your side” and “my side” talk. We are one region. We need to pull together as one. There are too many out there who want to destroy us and take away our hobby. Are we going to implode ourselves? What and who does that benefit? No one!

I have been hearing a lot of divisiveness from people. Not just those involved with the lawsuit but others too. Let me read you synonyms of divisiveness:

Animosity, antagonism, argument, bickering, clash, conflict, controversy, debate, difference, discord, dissent, disunity, division, fight, friction, hostility, squabble, tension, misunderstanding, contention, disunion, ill feeling, clash, vendetta.

I don’t know about you but for me just saying and hearing those words makes me feel sadness, anxiety and fear.

Sadly that describes our Region today. Is that how we want our Region to be known? Is that how we want to treat each other? I understand that cat shows are a competition but if you are attacking those you are competing with, they will leave. You will be all alone and what joy is in that? I am hearing that well known exhibitors and even those considered as leaders are causing the most damage. It has got to stop.

I am asking you to think about your words. You know the old adage about sticks and stones? Well words do hurt, and this constant divisiveness has to end. And I mean today!

We are a family. Some families fight and others get along very well. We are going to have our differences. But family comes first. Forgiveness takes more effort and pain than hate. I am asking, no I am begging each and every one of you to watch your words, think before you speak. Let’s start to build unity and bring the Region back together. I don’t want people using the words I said before to describe our Region. I want them to speak about us in a positive light. We have new exhibitors joining our shows. Do we want them to see a bunch of hateful and bickering exhibitors? What message does that send? We are here to have fun, not to fight.

Look around the showhall? What is the average age of us here? What will this show look like 20 years from now? We love to show off our beautiful cats. CFA is hurting in the US. Shows, the counts, and the number of cats bred are on a steep downhill trend. I tell you if I was a new exhibitor and I walked into the tension and hatred felt in this room I would not be back. Do you want CFA to die? Do you want our Region to die? I know I don’t.

Let’s work together, let’s support each other, put aside our differences and find commonality. It’s there. Let’s find it, embrace it, find the joy that comes from that and be a unified group again.

Thank you for taking the time to attend today. I hope that you take my words seriously. I hope you think twice before saying something bad about another. I hope you find your joy and then work to help others find theirs. My wish is that I see positive change very soon.

Financial information before the entries for this show have our Checking at $4,735, Savings with $23,793 and Disaster Relief $7,505.

Thank you!  Questions?

Theresa: Why did you not communicate with Gary Shubert once elected as RD to resolve the issue with the lawsuit?

Kathy: I wanted to talk to Gary, and in fact I agreed to a phone call, but once the lawyer found out, he instructed me not to communicate with Gary as he was one of the parties suing the Region. The litigants named were the officers and the Region. As the RD, I represented the Region. Therefore, I was unable to speak to him to try and resolve this before court. We did offer to settle before going to court, and Front Range refused.

Sharleen: How can we have more shows?

Kathy: There will be a new club holding a show the last weekend of February. Wildcatters in Beaumont will not be able to hold their show due to the hurricane damage. Magnolia is hosting a show in Alexandria on that weekend. It will be a 5×5. Wildcatters will resume their normal show date for 2019 and Magnolia will find another weekend. So that will be an additional show date for the Region. I have also spoken to some of the clubs who are no longer hosting shows to find them a show date.


Everyone have a great show and thank you for attending.

Kathy Black

Regional Director



March 2017 Newsletter

A short meeting was held during lunch at the Ozark Cat Fanciers show, March 18 in Cleburne, TX. For those of you not in attendance, we missed you. It was a wonderful show, well organized with lots of fun, good cats, and great food.

Regional shows:

Please support the following upcoming shows:

  • Gonzales, LA               March 25, 2017
  • Oklahoma City, OK      April 1, 2017
  • Denver, CO                  April 8-9, 2017
  • Mesquite, TX               April 15-16, 2017

CFA is hosting the World Cat Congress April 22-23, 2017. If you have not attended a World Cat Congress event, it would be worth the drive or flight to Las Vegas. Besides, it’s Vegas, baby! Check the website for more information regarding meetings and events. The Region supported this show by sending $100 to sponsor the rosettes.

Regional Awards Show & Banquet:

Our Regional will be held this year at the Hyatt Regency North Houston, 425 N Sam Houston Pkwy East, Houston, TX. This is a hotel show. We are working hard to host a beautiful and fun event for you. But we need you there to celebrate with us!

The show is an 8 ring 6 AB, two SP show featuring the following judges:

Saturday: Bizzell, Owen, Jaeger, Thompson

Sunday:   Ammons, Godwin, Black, Bassett

We are finishing the final information regarding the banquet so the flier will be posted soon to the Regional website. The meal at the banquet will have a choice of three meats, or vegetarian. This choice will need to be decided when you purchase your banquet ticket. Tea/Water/Coffee, rolls, salad and desert are included with each meal. The location is beautiful and we plan a fun and elegant evening affair. We want everyone to attend regardless of attire, please plan to join us.  We are also working with the hotel to provide lunches during the show. Once in the hotel there will be no need to leave! Shuttle service from IAH is also provided. We are very excited to have this property for our show and banquet and believe you too will enjoy your stay at this location.

Thank you to everyone that completed the survey online. The results of your input have helped us determine which awards to have this year. The good news is nothing is changing with the Top cats, DM, GoD or Household Pets. Same plaques as we have used for many years. Over 84% of those voting on the survey wanted to keep the plaques as we have done in the past. We listened to you!

We will be featuring the top Kitten, Championship and Premiership cat of each breed that achieves the minimum of 50 regional points. Each of these three cats will be featured and receive a rosette.

 The sponsorship amounts have not changed from last year! George will have the website up soon on our regional page, so look for it, start sponsoring our winning cats. Many thanks to all who help to sponsor our awards. We will not lose money this year!

 Leesa Altschul is gathering your photographs for the booklet, slide presentation and awards. Please send your images to her:

 2017 GSR Award PHOTOS Needed

Send to

  • Regional Winners: Kittens 1-25, Championship 1-25,
  • Premiership 1-25, Household Pets 1-10, and Agility.
  • Grand Champions – Grand Parade Slide Presentation
  • Grand of Distinction Awards (Champions, Premiers, HHPs)
  • Distinguished Merit Awards

Again, her email is  Please do this now! If you are in the top 25, have a DM this show season, Grand of Distinction, or top 10 HHP we need your pictures. We will have a firm deadline posted as to when all photographs will need to be received. We also will have a firm date for duplicate awards. Revising orders, and placing last minute orders causes huge increases in our costs. Please watch for these dates and help us by getting the pictures or duplicate orders completed by the deadlines. (dates to be posted soon)

This year we are having one of our favorite judges retire. Jimmy Thompson has decided to retire as of the end of June this year. We will be sad to not have Jimmy at our shows, we wish him well in retirement. We are collecting pictures of Jimmy, so dig through your old pictures, your camera and your phone and send those images to Leesa.

I am collecting the ONTA images, but if you send those to Leesa she will get them to me.

  • Jimmy Thompson (retiring GSR Judge)
  • On The Road Again (OTRA) Slideshow Presentation

Our committee chairs are looking for people to help with this show/banquet. If you are willing to help please contact the chairman for each of these:

Rosettes – Donna Hinton

Setup/Teardown  – Mike Altschul and Sheryl Zink

Decoration – Chris Willingham

Gate – Kathy Black

Vendors – Toni Huff

Raffle – Mike Altschul

We plan to have a raffle, so start cleaning out those closets and set your items to one side. We will appreciate any and all items donated!

Regional Finances:

The Audit of the 2015 show season was completed and there were no discrepancies with any of the Region transactions, or any show entry clerk transactions. Thank you, Becky Galloway, and Traci Whittenberg for volunteering their time to do our audit.

Our current treasury totals little over $29,000.

Thank you:

I want to thank the Region for helping me in my transition into this new role. I hope that you know and believe that I want the best for our Region, and I am working to be the best representative for you that I can be. Those of you who are my right hands, always there to listen and give guidance and support, I am truly thankful. I appreciate your help and most of all your smiles!

Kathy Black

Regional Director


Meeting Notes – Stars & Stripes show in Conroe, TX, July 9, 2016.


Kathy Black, Regional Director held a meeting during the Stars & Stripes show in Conroe, TX, July 9, 2016.


George Snell was recognized for his long time support as our regional webmaster. A check was presented to him as a thank you gift for his contributions over the years.


Sheryl Zink was recognized for receiving a Bronze Star during the 2016 Annual awards banquet. Bronze, Silver, and Gold stars are awarded to those individuals who have gone above and beyond in support of CFA. We all know that Sheryl is a star in our region as entry clerk and Regional Treasurer, it was nice to see the entire organization recognize what a jewel we have.


I mentioned a few talking points from the delegate meeting. The official notes from the meeting will be on CFA’s website as soon as the secretary completes them. But these were hotly debated topics. (All proposals are not put in place until the Board meeting in October, and most are not effective until May 1, 2017)


  1. Ring by ring scoring was defeated by the delegation
  2. Intermediate titles for Champions and Premiers passed with favorable recommendation to the Board.
  3. Super Specialty rings are available for shows this current season, so if your club wishes to have this format, it is available. The Super Specialty rings do not replace the rule regarding the number of required specialty rings. This format is still experimental. If you wish to add this to one of your upcoming shows contact me for additional requirements.
  4. The ability of a club to have a cage free show passed. Has to be pre-noticed on the flier, and the club have wire or pop up cages available for rent.
  5. Recognized awards for National 2nd and 3rd best of breed. The current rule only allows the top cat in each breed (breed winner) to state such on pedigrees, website, etc. This rule allows those whose cats achieved 2nd and 3rd the ability to state so.
  6. Reducing male Distinguished Merit Award down from the current grands of 15 to 10. It was suggested that I create a poll for the Region as to how they feel about this change.


Again, these were defeated or passed by the delegation, the Board will visit each of these resolutions at the October Board meeting. If you have strong feelings about any of these topics, please call or write me.


Alamo Cat Club and the Region are holding a joint show July 30-31, 2016 in Seguin, TX.  I strongly ask you to support both shows with your entries. This is a 12 ring show. Seguin is a very historic area of Texas, a wonderful showhall, and friendly people. Ya’ll come!


The International Show will be held in Novi, MI, November 19-20, 2016.  Seven judging rings, 4AB, 3SP for each show. Information regarding judges, hotels, entry procedures, etc. will be coming out soon. Pamela Basset was chosen in the first round of ballots to represent our region. Kathy Black was chosen in the second round of balloting. 

All kitten rings will be top 20 (both AB and SP).  All premiership rings will be top 15 (both AB and SP).  Championship is top 20 AB and top 15 specialty.  If more than 45 HHPs are entered, they get top 15.  Household Pets will be judged in the Red Show.

Also for this show only, Champions will be increased to 4, and Premiers to 3, so plan to bring those cats you are wanting to Grand.


Our Regional Awards show/banquet next year will be at the Hyatt Regency, Houston, TX the second weekend in June. 


There was a brief discussion about the lack of shows in August, September and October. Mardi Gras Cats/Cenla Cats is hosting a hotel show August 27, 2016 in Alexandria, LA. Information for this show will be on our Regional website soon.


I asked if there were clubs which were not currently hosting shows to talk to their members about a show for the first weekend in October. A couple of clubs are considering this.


I am forming a committee to audit our treasurer records.  Our regional treasurer welcomes this idea and will cooperate fully with our audit committee.  This not only protects her, but also our regional funds.


In closing I want to say that communication is a two-way street.  I will do my best to communicate to the region timely news and ask for your communication back to me regarding shows, your thoughts on the resolutions before the Board, etc.


Kathy Black

Region 3 Director